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Questions and Answers

How do I obtain a transcript?

Unofficial transcripts are available through the LSU Law Office of Student Records, you may request a copy using the corresponding form.We do not have access to official transcripts at the law center, you may request an official copy through the LSU Main Campus Registrar.

How do I obtain a letter of standing or proof of enrollment?

Please submit a request form found here.

My name has been legally changed, how do I go about changing my name on file at the Law Center?

Please submit to the Office of Student Records: Proof of new/correct name, such as court documentation, marriage certificate, divorce decree, etc., a letter of request that includes your signature, a copy of your ID with new/correct name.

My Social Security Number is wrong in the LSU System, how do I correct it?

A copy of your social security card, a valid driver’s license, and a letter of request that includes your signature.

I am a current student and need to update my address on file with the Law Center.

You may update the address we have on file for you using your PAWS account. Under “Personal Preferences” menu, click on “Directory Information”.

I am a law center graduate, how do I get a duplicate diploma?

You may request a duplicate diploma from the LSU Main Campus Registrar.

I am a former student and I need a dean’s certificate completed or a copy of my application.

Dean’s Certificate Request – Please email the certificate to or mail it to our office with a letter stating the year you graduated and either your 89# or social security number.Copy of Application Request – Please fill out and submit the Student File Content Request Form.

I am current student, how do I resign from the law program?

Please reach out to Assistant Dean Jake Henry.