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Law Center Computer Usage Policy

An individual who uses the computing resources provided by Paul M. Hebert Law Center, Louisiana State University (“LSU”) should be aware of the following:

  • LSU computing resources are defined as all LSU-supplied computers, and all publicly available networks, processors, peripherals and supplies under the administration of the Paul M. Hebert Law Center, or LSU A & M’s Office of Computer Services, academic departments or colleges.
  • Use of LSU computing resources is a privilege and not a right. As with all privileges, abuses will not be tolerated.
  • An individual member of the LSU community, faculty, staff or student may be given access to one or more LSU computing resources, with or without the issuance of a logonid. If a logonid is issued, it will remain valid so long as the individual is associated with LSU.The proper use of a logonid is ultimately the responsibility of the individual under whose name it has been assigned.Therefore, guard your passwords and do not share your logonid.
  • The use of another individual’s logonid without his/her express consent will be viewed as the stealing of LSU resources and as computer fraud.
  • Inappropriate use of LSU computing resources or of the Internet or other networks to which LSU is directly or indirectly connected will be deemed abuse of computer privileges. Examples of inappropriate use include the installation of software in violation of copyright laws, participation in network activities that place a strain on limited computer resources including any type of network games, the sending or displaying of obscene or pornographic material, the sending of harassing messages to other individuals through a network, and the unauthorized access or attempted access of another network computer system from LSU computing resources. LSU may take the following action against an individual who abuses computer privileges or has gained unauthorized access to LSU computing resources:
  • Access to LSU computing resources may be terminated.
  • The logonid may be inactivated.
  • The appropriate authorities (LSU, LSU A & M, state or federal) may be informed.
  • Actions taken will depend on the severity of the computer abuse and may include disciplinary action against an employee or student. Privacy of Student Records (FERPA)