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Usage of the Electronic Classroom during Final Examinations

Law students intending to take their final examinations using the Exam4 software are expected to provide their own laptop computer. The Law Center does not have a sufficient number of lab computers openly available for usage during final examinations.

If a law student is prepared to take a final examination on his/her own computer but experiences a computer/software failure too close to the administration of the final examination to fix the problem or replace the laptop, as determined by the Law Center’s Information Technology (“IT”) Department, the student may use one of the 4 lab computers in the Law Library, Room L111.

To use a lab computer for a final examination, the student must first verify the computer or software failure with the IT department in Room 317 and also notify the Registrar’s Office so it is aware of the change. These computers are available on a first-come, first-served basis and availability is not guaranteed. Please make every effort to ensure your computer is in good working order well before the start of final examinations.