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Juris Doctor and Optional Diploma in Comparative Law Admissions Procedure

The LSU Law Center’s Faculty Admissions Committee takes a holistic approach in reviewing applications for admission. Although the undergraduate GPA and LSAT score(s) play an integral role in the decision- making process, the Admissions Committee encourages applicants to submit other information that would be of assistance in evaluating the applicant’s aptitude for the study of law and likely contributions to the academic community life of the Law Center. Such factors might include:

  • Academic performance and accomplishments;
  • Evidence of significant leadership and/or public service;
  • Professional and/or military service; and
  • Cultural and/or experiential background.

Applicants must have good moral character. Good moral character includes honesty, trustworthiness and other traits relating to the role of a lawyer in society and the legal system.

Admission is contingent on the accuracy of information received. Failure to fully disclose information may result in the revocation of an admission offer or in disciplinary action by the Law Center or Bar disciplinary authorities.

The Law Center accepts transfer applications from students who have satisfactorily completed the first full year curriculum at a law school accredited by the American Bar Association.

Students from other law schools may petition for admission as a non-matriculating student or summer-only applicant.   Petitions are granted with the stipulation that credit earned during this enrollment cannot be applied toward a degree from the Law Center in the event the non-matriculating student later matriculates.

Any student who is not continuously enrolled at the Law Center (except for summer terms) and students who have been academically excluded may petition the Admissions Committee for readmission. Law students applying for reentry are not guaranteed admission. Applicants who have not made satisfactory academic progress and/or do not show sufficient promise for success in the law curriculum may be denied permission to reenter.