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Student Comments – Juvenile Defense

The Juvenile Defense Clinic provided an invaluable opportunity to gain real world legal experience. We role played everything beforehand so that once we were in front of the judge or our client, we had experience handling the situation. I’ve worked at small and large law firms gaining so-called practical experience, but only the Clinic provided such extensive client interaction and time in court. My law school experience would have been much less complete and much more disappointing without the Clinic. – Elizabeth Spurgeon, Fall 2010

“The Juvenile Defense Clinic provided me with an unparalleled opportunity to apply the knowledge I obtained in substantive classes in a very practical manner. It refined my legal research skills, and it allowed me to operate as an autonomous student attorney. I am grateful for the experience.” – Andrew Hairston, Spring 2016

“The Clinic offers students an opportunity to experience what other law school courses cannot provide. The facts are not a fact pattern on a law school exam; they’re a real person’s story.” – Jana Robinson, Spring 2016

“The Juvenile Defense Clinic is the best preparatory experience for trial advocacy in the State of Louisiana.” – Thomas Damico, Spring 2016

“Through my work with the juvenile clinic, I have finally been presented with the opportunity to help others while also improving skills essential to meaningful advocacy and client representation.” – Lindon Bennett, Fall 2014

“Out of all my law school experiences, being a student attorney with the juvenile defense clinic most prepared me for the practice of law.” – Kathleen Deanda, Spring 2014

“The Clinic has given me what no other course could – real experience! This work reminded me why I came to law school and gave me the motivation to keep working hard.” – Savannah Steele, Fall 2013

“This was an amazing opportunity to get hands on, real world experience.  This is an experience that shouldn’t be missed.” – Natalie Baily, Spring 2012

“No other class has been a more positive, empowering, or enriching experience.” – Anna Hunter, Fall 2011

“This was my favorite class in law school. I have actual trial experience now, which is something that I can talk about in every job interview.”  – Colin Clark, Fall 2011

“This was without a doubt my most educational, rewarding, and challenging law school experience. I will be a better lawyer because of it.” –  Emma Frost Burke, Spring 2011