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Student Comments – Civil Mediation

“I have been fortunate to have been able to participate in both the LSU Clinic program and the Externship program. The LSU Clinic program is an excellent way for LSU Law students to explore and hone their legal skills in a productive environment under the supervision of professors and practitioners. I recommend the Clinic program to anyone who wants practical experience, and I think that it is a valuable and fulfilling program for law students!” – Elysha Spriggins, Fall 2018

Joseph Odom“If you have ever considered taking the Civil Mediation Clinic or if you are interested in the mediation process, I highly encourage you to take Professor Paul Breaux’s Civil Mediation Clinic. Paul is extremely helpful in his coaching and has a vast knowledge base from his years of practice as a mediator with Louisiana Worker’s Compensation Commission. He is more than willing to share with you this knowledge and develop your mediation skill set. Additionally, having a mediation certification to go on your resume is certainly beneficial. Overall, this a great course and I would highly recommend it to other students!” – Joseph Odom, Fall 2018

Lara Herstrom“I would highly recommend this clinic to any aspiring lawyer. I think there is certainly much to be learned for anyone who has to deal with people in general. Prof. Breaux has tailored the class to help students understand the materials and to make sure they receive as much practical time as possible.” – Lara Herstrom, Fall 2017

Leona Scoular“I knew I was interested in mediation and that I wanted to learn more by taking the Civil Mediation Clinic. I did not realize how much I would learn and experience. Mediating real litigants has been one of the highlights of my law school career.” – Leona Scoular, Spring 2016

“Professor Breaux’s Civil Mediation Clinic was an invaluable opportunity to learn about negotiation theory and to obtain actual experience serving as a mediator in small claims court. I would recommend this clinic to any student interested in practicing civil litigation after law school because most litigators find themselves in mediations much more often than in the courtroom.” – Phillip Smith, Spring 2016

“The clinic provides not only mediation skills, but equips you with skills to resolve real-life conflict.” – Matthew Lee, Fall 2015

Ryan Chenevert“[The Civil Mediation Clinic] was absolutely fantastic; one of the best classes I took at LSU Law, and I can’t say enough great things about Professor Paul Breaux.” – Ryan Chenevert, Class of 2012

Ryan Chenevert participated in the Civil Mediation Clinic during the the Fall of 2011. He spoke in June of 2016 with attorney and mediator, Rebecca Wisbar, in her podcast, the Mediation Minute, about his experience in the Civil Mediation Clinic. Listen to Ryan’s comments here.