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Student Comments – Prosecution

John GriffinThe Prosecution Clinic taught me about what it means to be a prosecutor, and what it means to find a just result. It solidified my decision to seek a career as a prosecutor. – John Griffin, Fall 2018

Josie Brush“During no other law school experience or class do you get to be an actual attorney. Getting sworn in by the District Attorney and then trying criminal cases was an invaluable experience!” – Josie Brush, Fall 2017

“This clinic provided me with more practical experience than my first two years of law school combined. It’s one thing to read about prosecuting crime in a textbook; it’s another to file a bill of information, negotiate a plea deal, and conduct a direct examination in court. This clinic helped me discover my passion for criminal law and because of it, I have decided to apply for ADA positions.” – Mary Allen, Fall 2014

“The clinic was a tremendous experience. Whether you are interested in criminal law or not, if you want to get actual court experience before graduation, this clinic will give you ample opportunity.” – Jo Neuman, Fall 2016

“This clinic was incredibly helpful, both personally and professionally. The vast experiences I was offered are not comparable to any other internship opportunity I have had thus far during my law school career. I am very appreciative for all the hard work and dedication that was put forth to make this clinic what it has been.” – Audrey Fletcher, Fall 2014

“This clinic provides future lawyers the ability to gain first-hand experience in the practice of law that is essential to making the transition from students to professionals. I’m so grateful to have had this opportunity to learn from such knowledgeable lawyers and judges. Law school does not give you enough opportunities to truly learn what practicing law looks like, but this clinic did just that.” – John D. Mineo, IV, Fall 2014

“I thoroughly enjoyed the clinical experience and learned a lot about the criminal justice system. The clinic helped ‘bring to life’ much of what I had previously learned in substantive criminal course. I hope other law students take advantage of the clinic in future offerings.” – Phillip Adams, Fall 2014