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Currently, the LSU Law Clinic does not accept clients through either a “walk-in” or “phone-in” intake process. The Law Clinic only accepts clients through referrals by community agencies or courts. Also, the Law Clinic currently only offers assistance for juveniles charged with delinquent acts, individuals with limited immigration issues, prisoners seeking early release,  and individuals seeking civil mediation services in the Baton Rouge area. At this time, the Law Clinic does not offer services in any other areas of the law. If you are in need of legal assistance, please do not contact the Law Clinic directly. Instead, please contact the relevant agency directly and seek assistance.

If you have been charged with a crime and cannot afford a lawyer, please contact the Public Defender’s Office in the parish where you have been charged. The Public Defender for East Baton Rouge can be reached at (225) 389-3150.

If you have a non-criminal matter, please contact the Louisiana Civil Justice Center for an intake and they will try to match you with an appropriate legal service provider. The number is (800) 310-7029. Also, a good online resource with links to legal service providers across the state is

Southeast Louisiana Legal Services, located at 715 St. Ferdinand St. in Baton Rouge, offers low income people free legal aid for civil issues such as consumer issues, predatory lenders, housing problems, job-related problems, school problems and successions/title clearing.  Their contact information is as follows: (225) 448-0080,