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Other Opportunities to Give

Give to LSU Law!

Corporate Gifts
By making a corporate gift to the LSU Law Center, your corporation may derive federal and state tax benefits, subject to applicable limits.

Securities (Stocks and Bonds)
Donors may contribute to the LSU Law Center by way of appreciated securities, rather than cash, and receive additional tax advantages. Donations of securities are deductible at full fair market value. The donation of long-term appreciated securities (assets that have increased in value and which have been held for at least one year from the time of purchase) such as publicly traded stock, bonds, or mutual funds receive additional tax advantages. Such donations not only allow the donor to deduct the entire fair market value of the stock but the unrealized gain is not taxable to the donor. Contact Bobbi Zaunbrecher, 255/578-8705, for more information. You may make a gift via stock or securities with information found at

Real Estate
Real estate can make a valuable gift to the LSU Law Center. As with gifts of appreciated stock, bonds, mutual funds, and personal property, an outright gift of real estate that has been held for longer than one year and which has increased in value will create an immediate tax deduction for the donor based on the fair market value of the donation.

Gifts in Kind
Donations which do not demand an immediate outlay of cash are called “gifts-in-kind”. As with real estate, gifts of tangible personal property such as valuable collections, works of art, jewelry, antiques, gold, silver, and other possessions of special interest, may prove ideal to make a significant and lasting gift to the LSU Law Center.

Building Naming Opportunities
Approximately $15 million has been appropriated from the Capital Outlay Budget to renovate both the Old Law Building and the Law Center. Within each of these buildings, there are numerous naming opportunities, such as classrooms, conference rooms, courtyards, courtrooms, student areas, and more. For more information on naming opportunities, please call Bobbi Zaunbrecher, 225/578-8705.

Planned Gifts
A planned gift to the LSU Law Center is an extraordinary way for alumni and friends to make a substantial gift to the Law Center. Several options exist that could help you give more than you thought possible, while still achieving your personal financial goals. These irrevocable gifts provide favorable charitable gift deductions and often reduce capital gains taxes on appreciated securities. The Law Center can work with you in preparing bequests from your will; gifts from retirement plan assets; appreciated property donation; life insurance policies; life income plan; charitable lead and charitable remainder trusts, and other forms of estate planning. Contributors using planned giving immediately become members of the Law Center’s Centennial Society. For additional information, please call Bobbi Zaunbrecher, 225/578-8705.