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Pictured are LSU Law Center national championship trophies from the 2018-2019 academic year.










The Louisiana State University Law Center has one of the largest advocacy skills development programs in the nation, with thirty travelling external (inter-school) advocacy competition teams, a robust series of internal competitions, and an extensive roster of simulation courses and intensive workshops.

LSU Law’s external advocacy competition teams have brought home:

  • 20 National/North American Championships since ’04-‘05;
  • 84 Second Place, Finalist, Semifinalist, Quarterfinalists or Octo-finalists Awards since ’03-’04;
  • 21 National Championship Writing Awards since ’07-’08;
  • 33 National Competition School or Individual Advocacy Awards since ’06-‘07;
  • 10 Regional Competition Championships since ’05-’06;
  • 39 Regional Second Place, Finalist, Semifinalists, Quarterfinalists, or Octo-finalists Awards since ’05-’06; and,
  • 15 Regional Competition Writing Awards and Individual Advocacy Awards since ’08-’09.

You can view our full program resume, which lists the program’s many national and regional titles and other successes, here.