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Flory Trial Competition

Photos of the 1st place trophies in the Flory Trial Competition

Named in honor of the late professor of the Law Center, the Ira S. Flory Mock Trial Competition is a mock trial competition open to all second-and third-year law students.  A Flory Trial is held each semester; the fall Flory trial is traditionally a criminal case, while the spring Flory trial is a civil case.

Any 2L or 3L can participate as an attorney. Any student, including first-year students, can act as a juror or witness. Participating in the Flory trials is one of the best ways to get real-life experience and exposure to evidence and other rules of trial.  (Coursework in evidence is not a required prerequisite to participate in the Flory Trials.) The finalists of each semester’s Flory Trials receive an automatic invitation to membership on the Board of Advocates.

Fall 2023 Flory Trial Competition

Fall 2023 Competition Materials:

The Fall 2023 Flory Trial Competition case file and rules can be accessed in the Advocacy Resources folder. To access the folder, visit the LSU Law Center Remote File Access page, log in using your MyLSU credentials, and then navigate to Community Files -> Law Files -> Advocacy Resources. You will need to log in using your MyLSU credentials.

Teams can register to compete in the Fall 2023 Flory Trials at the following link: Fall 2023 Flory Trial Competition Team Registration Form

Fall 2023 Competition Dates:

  • Team Registration Period: August 11 through August 28 (registration will close at 5:00 pm)
  • Flory Trial Training Workshop: Monday, August 28th at 6:00 pm in Room 110
  • Preliminary Round 1: Wednesday, September 6 between 6 and 10 pm
  • Preliminary Round 2: Monday, September 11 between 6 and 10 pm
  • Quarterfinal Round: Wednesday, September 13 between 6 and 10 pm
  • Semifinal Round: Monday, September 18 between 6 and 10 pm
  • Final Round: Monday, September 25 at 6:00 pm in the LSU Law Center’s Robinson Courtroom (Room 201)