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Board of Advocates

The Law Center’s Advocacy Programs are administered in large part by the Board of Advocates, the Law Center’s student honor organization dedicated to the promotion and development of oral and written persuasive advocacy skills.  Rising third-year law students are selected to membership on the Board of Advocates based on a holistic application that looks at a student’s success in the Law Center’s many different internal and external advocacy opportunities. The Board of Advocates is the result of a merger of the Moot Court Board and the Trial Advocacy Board. The Board of Advocates’ office can be found in Room 306 at the LSU Law Center.

Membership on the Board of Advocates is an academic honor awarded to students who demonstrate excellence in the art of advocacy.

To contact the Board of Advocates, send an email to or visit Room 306.

2023-2024 Board of Advocates Executive Committee:

  • President: Sarah Procopio
  • Vice-President of Internal Competitions: Karli Carpenter
  • Vice-President of External Competitions: Miriam Grant
  • Vice-President of Judicial Relations: Leon Sanford
  • Vice-President of Undergraduate Relations: Cory Koch
  • Director of Internal Appellate Competitions: McKenzie Connelly
  • Director of Internal Trial Competitions: Savannah Alcazar
  • Director of Internal Dispute Resolution Competitions: Zachary Smith
  • Director of External Appellate Competitions: Alec Keane
  • Director of External Trial Competitions: Caidyn Thompson
  • Director of External Dispute Resolution Competitions: Sylvia Aikhuele
  • Director of Judicial Relations – Appellate: Yenifer Flores
  • Director of Judicial Relations – Trial: Meredith Parker
  • Director of Judicial Relations – Dispute Resolution: Jarmanese Davis
  • Director of Undergraduate Relations: Alaysia Johnson

2023-2024 Board of Advocates:

  • Adger, Allison
  • Aikhuele, Ehimen Sylvia
  • Alcazar, Savannah
  • Alpandinar, Erin
  • Bogle, Rochelle Chelsea
  • Brashier, Abbie
  • Capps, Robin
  • Carpenter, Karli
  • Cobb, Hannah
  • Conn, Robert Jackson III
  • Connelly, Madeline McKenzie
  • Cotten, Nicolas
  • Curtis, Sydney
  • Daigle, Gabrielle
  • Davis, Jarmanese
  • Dykes, Valerien
  • Flores, Yenifer
  • Glenn, Johnathan Owen
  • Grant, Miriam Elise
  • Grieshaber, Haley
  • Husamadeen, Mekkah
  • Jacobsen, Samantha
  • Johnson, Alaysia Jenal
  • Keane, Alec
  • Koch, Cory
  • LeBlanc, Julien
  • Lester, Jacob
  • Lloyd, Kailee
  • McArthur, Benjamin
  • Mester, Anna
  • Morganti, Dustin
  • Newton, Morgan Daulton
  • Parker, Meredith
  • Procopio, Sarah Michelle
  • Roos, Taylor
  • Sanford, Leon Augustus
  • Sherwood-Saul, Ananda
  • Smith, Zachary
  • Soyebo, Olugbemisola
  • Stoop, Shelby
  • Thompson, Caidyn Anastasia
  • Verhaal-Pereira, Tonya
  • Webre, Camille
  • Willie, Foster
  • Young, Britney
  • Young, Evan