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LSU Law Library Microform Index

To locate microforms search the Library Catalog for individual titles. For microforms housed on the 1st and 3rd floor locate the “Microform filed as” note in the detailed catalog record; then search the “Microform filed as” title below. Most U.S. Documents on microform are filed by their SuDoc call number in the Documents area on the fourth floor.

18th Century Legal Treatises3C25D6-8
19th Century Legal Treatises3C21D1-8
20th Century Legal Treatises3C21D8-10
20th Century Legal Treatises (cont'd)3C22D1-END
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AALL program handout materials3C19D8
ABA Journal1C7D1
Abbott's admiralty reports3C5D5
Abridgement of the laws of the United States1C3D6
Academic libraries, visible, vocal, vital3C19D8
Access to graduate and professional schools1C29D2
Acts passed at a Congress1C3D6
Advocate (Boise, Idaho)1C7D2
Advocate, The (Vancouver Bar Association)1C7D2
Agreement between Britain and Israel3C11D6
Air carrier liability for nuclear damage3C19D2
Air laws & treaties of the world1C29D2
Aircraft hijacker and international law3C19D2
Aircraft manufacturers' liability3C19D1
Alabama A.G. reports and opinions1C5D1
Alabama law journal1C4D8
Alabama lawyer1C7D2
Alabama session laws1C20D1
Alaska A.G. reports and opinions1C5D1
Alaska bar rag1C7D2
Alaska session laws1C20D2
Albert Levitt papers3C25D9
Alberta law reports3C2D2
Alberta ordinances/N.W. Territories (Ordinances of the North-West Territories of Canada)3C2D2
Alternative law journal1C7D2
American & English patent cases (Decisions on the law of patents for inventions)3C1D5
American and English corporation cases (Digest of the American and English corporation cases)3C1D6
American and English corporation cases: new series3C1D7
American and English encyclopedia of law 1st ed.1C12D8
American annotated cases1C3D4
American Arbitration Association1C1D1-2
American Bar Association journal (ABA Journal)1C7D1
American Bar Association. Publications, 1913-19641C1D3
American Civil Liberties Union1C1D5-7
American colonial records1C2D1-5
American corporation cases3C1D5
American decisions1C3D3
American Decisions and American Repts.1C3D3
American Decisions and Reports Digest1C3D3
American digest century ed.1C53D8
American digest system - 1st Decennial1C29D8
American electrical cases3C1D3
American Law Institute1C28D1-5
American Law Institute. Proceedings1C28D1
American law register1C3D6
American law times reports1C3D6
American lawyer1C4D8
American probate reports1C17D2
American reports1C3D3
American state reports1C3D3-4
American state reports index digest1C3D4
American state reports: v. 1-96, digest1C3D4
Analytical digest of the laws of the United States1C3D6
Ancient laws and institutes of Wales3C5D6
Annales de Droit...Francais3C10D6
Annotated cases, American and English1C3D4
Appraisal of the independent commission3C19D1
Arizona A. G. reports and opinions1C5D1
Arizona attorney1C7D2
Arizona bar journal1C7D2
Arizona Constitutional Conventions1C12D1
Arizona revised statutes annotated (superseded)1C30D2
Arizona session laws1C20D3
Arkansas A. G. reports and opinions1C5D1
Arkansas code of 1987 annotated1C30D3
Arkansas Constitutional Conventions1C12D1
Arkansas lawyer1C7D2
Arkansas session laws1C20D4-5
Arkansas statutes annotated (superseded)1C30D3
Atomic Energy Field-Fed/State Coop1C29D2
Attorney General Reports and Opinions1C5D1-end
Attorney General Reports and Opinions (cont'd)1C6D1-4
Australia. Acts of the Parliament3C1D2
Australia. Law Reform Comm. Publ3C1D1
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Bahamas session laws1C27D6
Banning and Arden's report of patent cases1C29D2
Bar association - Reports of Committees1C1D3-4
Bar association bulletin (Los Angeles Bar Assoc.)1C8D1
Bar bulletin (State Bar of New Mexico)1C7D2
Bar Examinations1C18D2
Bar examiner1C7D3
Bar journal (State Bar of New Mexico)1C7D2
Bar leader1C7D3
Barnes federal code1C3D6
Beaubien chroniques judiciaires3C1D4
Beaurepaire, Charles de. Notes sur les juges et les assesseurs du proc's de condamnation de Jeanne d'Arc.3C11D5
Bench and bar1C7D3
Bench and bar of Minnesota1C7D3
Berman, Harold J. Collected Papers (Studies on socialist legal systems)3C14D5
Beverly Hills Bar Association journal1C7D3
Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris.3C11D5
Blackstone Collection, Yale3C19D4-5
Blatchford's Rpts. of cases (Blatchford, Samuel. Reports of cases 2nd Circuit)1C18D2
Blume, W.W. Digest and lists pertaining to the3C19D1
Book catalogs of American law libraries1C1D2
Boston bar journal1C7D3
Boston Law School magazine1C17D2
Brandeis Papers 1916-1931 Part 1-23C26D1-3
British and foreign state papers3C7D2-3
British Columbia consolidated acts3C2D2
British Columbia law reports3C2D2
British Columbia. Statutes (Statute of the Province of British Columbia)3C2D2
British Columbia. The revised statutes of British Columbia3C2D2
British trials 1660-19003C8D6
Brooklyn barrister1C7D3
Bulletin des arrets3C27D9
Butler, William E. Collected papers (Studies on socialist legal systems)3C14D5
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C.F.R. - Title 43 - Public lands 19383C19D8
California A. G. reports and opinions1C5D1
California Bar Journal1C7D4
California codes annotated (superseded)1C30D4-6
California Constitutional Conventions1C12D1
California lawyer1C7D4
California session laws1C20D5-7
Canada law journal (Upper Canada law journal)3C2D3
Canada Law Reform Commission publications3C2D3
Canada. State session laws1C27D6
Canadian bar review1C7D4
Canadian Cases3C2D6
Canadian Lawyer1C7D4
Canadian reports: appeal cases3C2D3
Canadian theses on microfiche3C2D7
Canadian theses on microfilm3C19D1-2
Canon law3C14D1-3
Carey's Manitoba reports3C1D4
Carolina law journal1C17D2
Cartwright. Cases on the B.N.A. act3C1D4
CBA record1C7D4
Central reporter1D17D2
Chase papers (Chase, Salmon Portland)3C27D7
Checklist of U.S. Public Documents1C29D2
Chicago Bar Association record1C7D5
Chicago bar record1C7D5
Chicago law journal1C17D2
Chicago lawyer1C4D8
Childs, James. German Federal Republic official publications, 1949-19573C9D1
Civil law 1. France3C12D1-7
Civil law 2. Italy3C12D1-7
Civil liability for oil pollution damage3C19D1
Civilian, The, 1972-19841C6D8
Cleveland bar journal1C7D5
Client participation in professional decision3C19D1
Code criminel ou commentaire sur l'Ordonance3C19D3
Code of Alabama1C30D1
Code of federal regulations 1938-19591C14D7-8
Code of federal regulations 1960-present1C9-11
Collective bargaining agreements1C48D1-2
Colonial Hispanic Legal Documents3C3D7
Colorado A.G. Reports and Opinions1C5D3
Colorado Constitutional Conventions1C12D1
Colorado law reporter1C17D2
Colorado lawyer1C7D5
Colorado revised statutes (superseded)1C30D6-7
Colorado session laws1C20D7-8
Columbia jurist1C17D2
Columbia law times1C17D2
Comparative study of maritime cargo3C19D1
Comparative study of the putting in default3C19D1
Compiled Statutes of the United States 19011C3D6
Compiled Statutes of the United States 19131C3D6
Complete index of notes in Annotated cases1C3D5
Complete LRA digest (Complete digest of all Lawyers reports annotated)1C3D5
Comprehensive guide to Bar Admission requirements 1985-19931C18D2
Concordance to the Digest Jurist3C19D8
Conflict of Law. Samuel Livermoore3C19D1
Connecticut A.G. Reports and Opinions1C5D3
Connecticut bar journal1C7D6
Connecticut Constitutional Conventions1C12D1
Connecticut Lawyer1C7D6
Connecticut session laws1C20D9
Connecticut statutes annotated (superseded)1C30D7-8
Consolidated laws of New York annotated (McKinney's)1C32D6-7
Copp, Henry. Public land laws, 1869-18753C19D8
Copp, Henry. Public land laws, 1875-18823C19D8
Copp, Henry. Public land laws, 1882-18903C19D8
Copp, Henry. U.S. Mineral lands3C19D8
Corpus juris1C18D7
Costa Rica. La Gaceta3C3D3
Council on Foreign Relations archive publications3C23D6
Counsellor, The1C17D2
County Court houses of the U.S.1Top ofC6
Court studies3C25D1
Cream of the law3C5D5
Current comment and legal miscellany1C17D2
Current State Attorney General Opinions, Hein Fiche Subsc.1C6D5-7
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D.C. bar journal1C7D6
Dakota session laws (Dakota Territory, 1862-1889)1C21D2
Decisions of the Supreme Court (Reports of decisions in the Supreme Court of the United States: with notes and a digest by B. R. Curtis.)1C4D7
Delaware Attorney General reports & opinions1C5D3
Delaware code annotated (superseded)1C30D8
Delaware Constitutional Conventions1C12D1
Delaware lawyer1C7D6
Delaware session laws1C21D1
Detroit Bar Quarterly1C7D6
Development of Law on the Continental Shelf3C19D2
Dictionnaire de l'ancien droit civil du Canada3C19D3
Digest of Am. & English annot. cases1C3D6
Digest of annotated cases (Am. & English)1C3D6
Digest of federal decisions and statutes1C3D6
Digest of statutes of Arkansas 19371C30D6
Digest of the general laws of the United States (Dunlop)1C3D6
Digest of the laws of England, London3C26D4
Digest of the laws of the United States including1C3D6
Digests of the development of legal institutions3C19D1
District lawyer1C7D6
District of Columbia code annotated (superseded)1C30D9
District of Columbia Constitutional Convention1C12D1
District of Columbia session laws1C21D2
Docket, The1C17D2
Docum Hist. of the Ratif'n of the Ct1C4D3
Donaldson, Thomas. Public domain3C19D8
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Eastern law reporter3C2D3
Economic Effects of Fishery Regulation3C19D8
Economics of Fisheries, The3C19D8
Edits et ordonnances royaux3C19D3
Eighteenth Century Legal treatises3C25D6-8
Enc. of forms and precedents (vol.1-18)1C12D8
Encyclopedia of evidence1C29D3
England privacy council3C7D4
English Legal Manuscripts. Bodleian3C5D3
English Legal Manuscripts. Gray's Inn3C5D3
English Legal Manuscripts. Harvard3C5D1, D4
English Legal Manuscripts. Lincoln's3C5D2-3
English Legal Manuscripts. Yale3C5D4
English Legal Sources3C5D5
English Trials3C5D5
Essay on the juridical3C46D3
Executive Orders of the Gov. of LA1C18D1
Existing laws of the United States1C3D6
Exxon Corporation. In the Matter of3C16D7
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Favre, Jules. Plaidoyers et discours du batonnat3C11D5
Federal Bar Association Journal1C7D6
Federal Bar Journal1C7D6
Federal bar news & journal1C7D6
Federal cases1C4D6
Federal lawyer1C7D6
Federal register1C13/14
Federal statutes annotated (1903-1906)1C3D6
Federal statutes annotated (1916)1C3D6
Felix Frankfurter papers3C26D5-6
Felix Frankfurter papers (cont'd)3C27D1-3
Fisher's patent cases1C18D2
Fisher's prize cases1C18D2
Flippen's Reports of Cases1C18D2
Florida A.G. reports and opinions1C5D3
Florida bar journal1C7D6
Florida Constitutional Conventions1C12D2
Florida law journal1C7D6
Florida session laws1C21D3-4
Florida State Bar Association law journal1C7D6
Florida statutes annotated (superseded)1C31D1
Forum- bench & bar review, The1C17D2
Framing the constitution of Japan1C49D8
France. Coutumes3C10D3
France. Ordonnances des Roys . . . .Paris3C10D5
Frankfurter papers >See Felix Frankfurter papers
French Royal & admin. acts3C10D1-2
Friend at court, A1C17D2
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Galicki. Nationality of spacecraft3C19D2
Gallison's reports1C17D2
Gavel (Milwaukee Bar Association)1C7D7
Gavel (The State Bar Association of N. Dakota)1C7D7
General abridgment and Digest of American Law3C1D5
General Laws of Rhode Island 19561C34D7
General public acts of Congress (Public land laws of the United States, 1776-1938, a collection; title 1)3C19D8
Georgia A.G. reports and opinions1C5D3
Georgia Bar journal1C7D7
Georgia code annotated (superseded)1C31D2-3
Georgia Constitutional Conventions1C12D2
Georgia session laws1C21D5-6
Georgia State Bar journal1C7D7
Germ. Fed. Rpub. Official Publ.3C9D1
Glueck papers3C25D10-11
Great Standard Oil monopoly case3C27D6
Guam session laws1C21D7
Guatemala. El Guatemalteco3C3D6
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Harris' public land guide (Public land laws of the United States, 1776-1938, a collection ; title 7)3C19D8
Harvard law record3C19D6
Harvard legal bibliography 1961-813C19D6
Hastie, William. The William Hastie papers3C25D2-3
Haszard & Warburton P.E.I. law reports3C1D4
Hawaii A.G. reports and opinions1C5D3
Hawaii Bar journal1C7D7
Hawaii Constitutional Conventions1C12D2
Hawaii laws annotated (superseded)1C31D4
Hawaii session laws1C21D7
Hazard, John. Law student life3C19D8
Hazard's register of Pennsylvania1C17D2
Hein's legal theses and dissertations1C51D1-5
Hennepin lawyer1C7D7
Hertslets Commercial Treaties3C7D1
History of the Department of Justice3C27D6
History of the Federal Trade Commission3C27D6
History of the Judge Advocate General3C19D1
Holmes, Oliver Wendell Jr. papers3C27D5-6
Hooper, C.A. the Civil law of Palestine3C11D6
Human Rights Documents3C8D1-5
Hunter's Torrens cases (Hunter, William Howard)3C2D6
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IAC Human Rights Documents3C8D5
ICC-Indexed & Digested Hamlin3C1D5
Idaho A.G. reports and opinions1C5D3
Idaho code annotated (superseded)1C31D4
Idaho Constitutional Conventions1C12D2
Idaho session laws1C21D8
Illinois A.G. reports and opinions1C5D4
Illinois bar journal1C7D7
Illinois Constitutional Conventions1C12D2
Illinois session laws1C21D8
Illinois session laws (cont'd)1C22D1
Illinois State Bar Association Quarterly Bulletin1C7D7
Illinois statutes annotated (superseded)1C31D5-6
Important federal statutes annotated1C3D6
Income Tax, The3C19D8
Index to All LRA notes1C3D5
Indian tribal codes1C19D6
Indiana A.G. reports and opinions1C5D4
Indiana Constitutional Conventions1C12D2
Indiana session laws1C22D2
Indiana statutes annotated (superseded)1C31D7
Inns of Court Collection3C8D8
Inter alia1C7D7
Internal revenue record & cust. journal1C17D2
International bar journal1C7D7
International business lawyer1C7D7
International Labor Office Leg. Series3C17D5
International legal materials (ILM)3C20D1-6
International legal practitioner1C7D7
International military tribunal for the Far East3C19D2
International Society of Barristers quarterly1C7D8
Interpreter releases1C17D1
Iowa A.G. reports and opinions1C5D4
Iowa code annotated (superseded)1C31D8-9
Iowa Consitutional Conventions1C12D3
Iowa lawyer1C7D8
Iowa session laws1C22D3
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Jahrbuch des deutschen Rechtes3C9D1
JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association)3C19D5
Japan-U.S. semiconductor cases1C49D8
Journal of the Bar of the District of Columbia - Continued as Washington Lawyer1C7D8
Journal of the Cleveland Bar Association1C7D5
Journal of the District of Columbia Bar Association1C7D8
Journal of the Kansas Bar Association1C7D8
Journal of the Missouri Bar1C7D8
Journal officiel de la Republique francaise3C11D1-4
Justice Horace Gray Papers3C19D3
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Kansas A.G. reports & opinions1C5D4
Kansas Board for Admission of Attorneys1C18D2
Kansas Constitutional Conventions1C12D3
Kansas session laws1C22D3-4
Kansas statutes annotated1C32D1
Karl Llewellyn Papers3C25D3
Kentucky A.G. reports and opinions1C5D4
Kentucky bench and bar1C7D3, D8
Kentucky Constitutional Conventions1C12D3
Kentucky session laws1C22D4-5
Kentucky State Bar Journal1C7D8
Kentucky statutes annotated (superseded)1C32D2
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Law - Oklahoma City1C17D2
Law books recommended for libraries1C50D1-9
Law bulletin - State University of Iowa1C4D8
Law Central1C17D2
Law Finder and Annotator. Jerusalem3C11D6
Law Institute journal1C8D1
Law library building reporter1C4D8
Law Library to the Year 20003C19D8
Law notes1C17D2
Law reports, 1st series3C23D1
Law reports, 2d series3C23D1
Law reports, 3rd series3C23D1-3
Law school catalogs1C29D1
Law society journal1C8D1
Law student life in Russia3C19D8
Law's equity reporter (The Law and equity reporter, cases in brief)1C17D2
Laws of Puerto Rico annotated1C34D6
Laws of the United States of a local or temporary character1C3D6
Laws of the United States of America (Folwell ed.)1C3D6
Lawyers' reports annotated1C3D5
Lawyers' reports annotated - Digest1C3D5
Lawyers' reports annotated. New Series1C3D5
League of Nations documents, 1919-19463C15D1-8
League of Nations documents, 1919-1946 (cont'd)3C16D1-6
Lee. For a more rational legal regime of aerospace continuum3C19D2
Legal Adviser (Denver)1C17D2
Legal gazette (Philadelphia, PA)1C17D2
Legal Management1C8D1
Legal practice1C17D2
Legal service bulletin [Monash University. Faculty of Law.]1C8D1
Legal status of passenger ticket3C19D1
Legal status of the Antarctic airspace [Lonergan, Stephen J.]3C19D1
Legal times of Washington1C52D1
Legislation on coastal state requirements for foreign fishing3C19D8
Lester, William. Public land cases3C19D8
Library of the Inner Temple3C6D1-7
Libreria de Escribanos e Instruccion Juridica3C11D7
Livermore. Dissertations on the question3C19D1
Livingston Hall papers3C25D4
Livingston papers3C13D6
Livingston's monthly law magazine1C17D2
Llewellyn Papers3C25D3
Local courts municipal gazette3C1D4
Loix et Constitutions des Colonies Francaises
Los Angeles daily journal1C15D1-7
Los Angeles daily journal (cont'd)1C16D1
Los Angeles lawyer ( Los Angeles Bar Bulletin)1C8D1
Louis D. Brandeis Papers 1916-1931 Part 1-23C26D1-3
Louisiana A.G. reports and opinions1C5D4
Louisiana bar journal1C8D1
Louisiana Commercial code1C15D8
Louisiana constitutional conventions1C12D3
Louisiana Court record index (Supreme Court and Courts of Appeal)1C6D8
Louisiana Executive Orders, 1917-19691C18D1
Louisiana Law Journal 1841-1842
Louisiana Law Review (microfiche)1C53D4
Louisiana Law Review (Microfilm)1C53D3
Louisiana legislative documents. House & Senate bills1C17D3-7
Louisiana session laws1C22D6
Louisiana statutes annotated (superseded)1C32D3
Louisiana urban documents1C18D3-4
LSU L. Libr. Periodical Index & Locator Guide1C6D8
LSU L. Libr. Shelf List and Gov't. Documents1C6D8
LSU law lib. dictionary card catalog1C6D8
LSU law lib. guides 1983-841C6D8
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Maine A.G. reports and opinions1C5D5
Maine bar journal1C8D2
Maine session laws1C22D7
Maine statutes annotated (superseded)1C32D4
Malul, Meir. Studies in legal symbolic acts in Mesopotamian law3C19D2
Management function of ocean boundaries3C19D2
Manitoba Queen's bench3C2D4
Manitoba reports3C2D4
Manitoba statutes3C2D4
Manitoba statutes revised3C2D4
Manitoba statutes-orders & proclamations3C2D4
Manufacturing clause U.S. Copyright1C29D2
Marten's collection of treaties3C17D6
Martin's mining cases and statutes3C1D4
Maryland A.G. reports and opinions1C5D5
Maryland bar journal1C8D2
Maryland code annotated (superseded)1C31D9
Maryland Constitutional Conventions1C12D3
Maryland session laws1C22D8-9
Maryland superseded statutes1C32D5
Massachusetts A.G. reports and opinions1C5D5
Massachusetts Constitutional Conventions1C12D3
Massachusetts Law Quarterly1C8D2
Massachusetts law review1C8D2
Massachusetts laws annotated (superseded)1C32D5
Massachusetts session laws1C23D1-2
Memphis law journal1C17D2
Michel, Henry. La Loi Falloux.3C11D5
Michigan A.G. reports and opinions1C5D5
Michigan bar journal1C8D2
Michigan Constitutional Conventions1C12D4
Michigan Laws Annotated (superseded)1C32D7
Michigan session laws1C23D3
Milwaukee Lawyer1C8D2
Minnesota A.G. reports and opinions1C5D6
Minnesota Law journal1C17D2
Minnesota session laws1C23D4
Minnesota statutes annotated (superseded)1C32D8-9
Mississippi A.G. reports and opinions1C5D6
Mississippi Constitutional Conventions1C12D4
Mississippi lawyer1C8D2
Mississippi session laws1C23D5
Mississippi statutes annotated (superseded)1C33D1
Missouri A.G reports & Opinions1C5D6
Missouri session laws1C23D6
Missouri statutes annotated (superseded)1C33D2
Modern American law1C18D6
Mollendorf, Paul G. von. Le droit de famille chinois3C20D1 (CH934)
Montana A.G. reports and opinions1C5D7
Montana Code Annotated 1983-19851C33D2
Montana Constitutional Conventions1C12D4
Montana lawyer1C8D2
Montana session laws1C23D7
Monthly jurist1C17D2
Muniz-Arguelles, Luis. Les clauses modificatives1C2D7
Myer's federal decisions3C1D6
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NAACP papers3C24D1-5
Nassau lawyer1C8D2
National bankruptcy register reports1C17D2
National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws1C48D4
National law journal1C53D1
National Law review1C17D2
National reporter on legal ethics1C29D1
Native American legal materials1C19D1-4
NBA magazine [National Bar Association magazine]1C8D3
Nebraska A.G. reports and opinions1C5D7
Nebraska Constitutional conventions1C12D4
Nebraska lawyer1C8D3
Nebraska session laws1C23D8
Nebraska statutes annotated (superseded)1C33D3
Nevada A.G. reports and opinions1C5D7
Nevada Constitutional conventions1C12D4
Nevada lawyer1C8D3
Nevada session laws1C24D1
Nevada state bar journal1C7D7
Nevada statutes annotated (superseded)1C33D4
New Brunswick statutes3C2D5
New Brunswick statutes consolidated3C2D5
New Brunswick statutes, revised (1927)3C2D5
New England journal of medicine3C18D7
New Hampshire bar journal1C8D3
New Hampshire bar news1C8D3
New Hampshire Constitutional conventions1C12D5
New Hampshire session laws1C24D2
New Hampshire statutes annotated (superseded)1C33D5
New Jersey A.G. reports and opinions1C5D7
New Jersey Constitutional conventions1C12D5
New Jersey law journal1C53D2
New Jersey lawyer1C8D3
New Jersey session laws1C24D3
New Jersey State Bar journal1C8D3
New Jersey statutes annotated (superseded)1C33D5-6
New Mexico A.G. reports and opinions1C5D7-8
New Mexico Constitutional conventions1C12D5
New Mexico session laws1C24D4
New Mexico's bar bulletin1C8D3
New Mexico's news and views1C8D3
New York A.G. reports & opinions1C5D8
New York Constitutional conventions1C12D5
New York law journal1C52D3-7
New York session laws1C24D5-7
New York State Bar Association bulletin1C8D3
New York State Bar Association journal1C8D3
New York State Bar bulletin1C8D2
New York State bar journal1C8D4
New York State statutes (superseded)1C33D7-8
Newfoundland statutes3C2D5
Newfoundland statutes, consolidated3C2D5
Newfoundland Supreme Court reports3C1D4
News bulletin (S. Carolina Bar Assn.)1C8D4
News bulletin, The (Iowa State Bar Association)1C7D8
Newsletter (Vermont Bar Association)1C8D4
Nicaragua. La Gaceta [La gaceta, diario oficial]3C3D4
Nineteenth century legal treatises3C21D1-8
North Carolina A.G. reports and opinions1C5D8
North Carolina bar1C8D4
North Carolina Bar newsletter1C8D4
North Carolina Constitutional conventions1C12D6
North Carolina journal of law1C17D2
North Carolina session laws1C24D8
North Carolina State Bar journal1C8D4
North Carolina State Bar newsletter1C8D4
North Carolina State Bar quarterly1C8D4
North Carolina statutes annotated (superseded)1C33D9
North Dakota A.G. reports and opinions1C5D8
North Dakota code (superseded)1C34D1
North Dakota Constitutional conventions1C12D6
North Dakota session laws1C25D1
Northwest Territory session laws (1788-1801)1C25D1
Northwest Territory: Supreme court reports3C2D5
Notes on the revised statutes1C3D6
Notes, American decisions and American repts.1C3D6
Nouveaux supplement au traite de droit politique3C11D5
Nova Scotia statutes3C2D6
Nova Scotia statutes, Judicature Act3C2D6
Nova Scotia statutes, revised3C2D6
NSBA news [Nebraska State Bar Association]1C8D4
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Occupation of Japan1C49D7
Official Publications of South African States3C4D1-4
Ohio A.G. reports and opinions1C5D8
Ohio A.G. reports and opinions (cont'd)1C6D1
Ohio circuit decisions1C17D2
Ohio codes & statutes (superseded)1C34D2
Ohio Constitutional conventions1C12D6
Ohio law journal1C17D2
Ohio lawyer1C8D4
Ohio session laws1C25D2
Ohio State Bar Association report1C8D4
OIL: The Federal Investigations1C19D7
Oklahoma A.G. reports and opinions1C6D1
Oklahoma bar journal1C8D5
Oklahoma Constitutional conventions1C12D6
Oklahoma session laws1C25D3
Oklahoma State Bar journal1C8D5
Oklahoma statutes annotated (superseded)1C34D3
Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. papers3C27D5-6
Ontario weekly reporter3C2D6
Oral arguments of the Supreme Court of the U.S.1C4D4-6
Oregon A.G. reports and opinions1C6D1
Oregon Constitutional conventions1C12D6
Oregon revised statutes1C34D4
Oregon session laws1C25D4
Oregon State Bar bulletin1C8D5
Ottoman land laws3C11D6
Overlapping taxes in the United States1C29D2
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Pacific Coast law journal1C17D2
Pacte international relatif aux droits3C19D8
Pakistan / Iran / Turkey collaboration3C19D2
Palestine. Defence ( Emergency regulations), 19453C11D6
Palestine. Law of3C11D6
Palestine. Legislations 1918-19253C11D6
Papers of the NAACP3C24D1-5
Parliament - England, Scotland, Ireland3C7D4
Patrick's election cases3C2D6
Peace Palace Library - Hague3C14D6-7
Pennsylvania A.G reports & opinions1C6D2
Pennsylvania Bar Association quarterly1C8D6
Pennsylvania Constitutional conventions1C12D6
Pennsylvania law journal1C53D2
Pennsylvania lawyer1C8D6
Pennsylvania session laws1C25D5-6
Pennsylvania statutes annotated (superseded)1C34D5-6
People vs. Goetz1C2D7
Peter's P.E.I. report3C1D4
Philadelphia lawyer1C8D6
Pike, Notes on the Civil Code of Louisiana1C18D5
Preservation of microfiche3C19D8
Prince Edward Island statutes3C2D6
Princeton University Latin American pamphlet3C27D8
Privy council - Parliament - England3C7D7
Probate reports annotated
Protection of aerial frontiers3C19D2
Prussia. Laws, statutes - Code général pour les états prussiens. Prussia (Kingdom)3C9D1
Public & general statutes passed . . . 2nd ed.1C3D6
Public & General Statutes Passed by the Congress1C3D6
Public land statutes of the U.S., 19163C19D8
Public land statutes of the U.S., 19233C19D8
Public land statutes of the U.S., 19313C19D8
Public papers of Louis Dembitz Brandeis3C19D3
Public statutes of Alberta3C2D2
Publications of the Sections and House of Delegates, American Bar Association1C1D3
Puerto Rico A.G. reports and opinions1C6D2
Puerto Rico session laws1C25D6
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Quarterly law review1C17D2
Quebec. Judgement de conseil souverain3C2D6
Questions et responses sur le driot civil3C19D3
Quetelet, Adolphe. Du systems social . . .3C11D5
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Reactor safety study1C29D2
Record of the Assoc. of the Bar of the City of N.Y., The1C8D6
Records Intergov'tal Copyright Conf.1C29D2
Recueil de la Gazette3C10D4
Recueil general des anciennes lois3C10D3
Regionalism in int'l civil aviation3C19D2
Reporter, The1C17D2
Res gestae1C8D6
Review of Fisheries3C19D8
Revised statutes of Alberta3C2D2
Revised statutes of Saskatchewan3C2D7
Revised statutes of the United States1C3D6
Revised statutes of the United States second ed.1C3D6
Revista Argentina3C3D8
Revista De Derecho. . . Madrid3C9D8
Revue De Droit Internationales3C10D6
Rhode Island A.G. reports and opinions1C6D7
Rhode Island bar journal1C8D6
Rhode Island Constitutional conventions1C12D6
Rhode Island session laws1C25D7-8
Rhode Island statutes (superseded)1347
Richard H. Field papers3C25D9
Right to petition for redress of grievances3C19D1
Ritchie. Prohibited areas . . . [ Ritchie, Jean H. Prohibited areas in international air law.]3C19D2
Robert Livingston papers1C53D6-7
Roscoe Pound papers parts I-III3C28D1-6
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Sacco-Vanzetti case papers3C25D9
Salmon P. Chase papers3C27D7
San Francisco attorney1C8D6
San Salvador Diario Official3C3D5
Saskatchewan law reports3C2D7
Sawicki. Some aspects of the legal3C19D1
SC Bar news1C8D6
Schlesinger, Rudolf. Collected papers3C14D5
Scottsboro trial records1C19D5
Select cases of Newfoundland 1817-1828 (Tucker)3C1D4
Sheldon Glueck papers3C25D10-11
Slavery statutes, State1C29D3
Socialization in a Canadian penal setting3C19D2
Sorciers, Demonologues, Magistrats
Sources of MA Legal History (MA-Massachusetts)1C2D6
South African law reports3C3D1-2
South Carolina A.G. reports and opinions1C6D2
South Carolina code annotated (superseded)1C34D7
South Carolina Constitutional conventions1C12D6
South Carolina lawyer1C8D6
South Carolina session laws1C25D8
South Carolina session laws (cont'd)1C26D1
South Dakota A.G. reports and opinions1C6D2
South Dakota Constitutional conventions1C12D6
South Dakota session laws1C26D2
South Dakota State Bar newsletter1C8D7
South Dakota statutes annotated1C34D8
Southern Law Journal1C17D2
Southern law review - n.s.1C17D2
Southern law review (Atlanta, Ga.)1C17D2
Southern law review (St. Louis, Mo.)1C17D2
Southern law times1C17D2
Spain Tribunal . . . Jurisprudencia civil3C9D3-5
Spanish legal documents3C9D6-7
St. Louis bar journal1C8D7
Stanford lawyer1C8D7
State bar examinations1C18D2
State bar news (Nebraska State Bar Assn.)1C8D7
State Bar of New Mexico Bulletin and advanced opinions1C8D7
State constitutional conventions1C12D1-7
State slavery statutes1C29D3
State trials of England - Cobbett's3C7D7
Statutes of Alberta3C2D2
Statutes of Nova Scotia, revised3C2D6
Statutes of Saskatchewan3C2D7
Studies on socialist legal systems3C14D5
Synoptical index to the laws and treaties . . .
Systematic catalogue, Documentation Office for East European Law, University of Leiden3C17D7
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Tager. The Legality of military3C19D2
Temporary Admin. Conference of the U.S.3C19D8
Tennessee A.G. reports and opinions1C6D2
Tennessee bar journal1C8D7
Tennessee code (superseded)1C34D9
Tennessee Constitutional conventions1C12D7
Tennessee session laws1C26D3-4
Texas A.G. reports and opinions1C6D3
Texas bar journal1C8D7
Texas Constitutional conventions1C12D7
Texas session laws1C26D5
Texas statutes annotated (superseded)1C35D1
Third Branch1C8D7
Tort liability for the U.S.3C19D1
Towards international regulation of telecomm.3C19D1
Transcript of the South Carolina Bar1C8D7
Transcript of trial Israel v. Eichmann
Transnational commercial organizations3C19D2
Trinity series: numerical table of cases1C3D4
Trinity series: Table of cases, note list1C3D4
Tufman. Some remarks on the notion of the criminal act3C19D1
Twentieth century legal treatises3C21D8-10
Twentieth century legal treatises (cont'd)3C22D1-End
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U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals Reports1C4D3
U.S. Circuit Ct. of Appeals Reports1C4D3
U.S. Fifth Circuit Records and Briefs1C3D1
U.S. military law1C49D1-5
U.S. Supreme Court records and briefs1C36-C46D6
U.S. Supreme Court Rules1C4D6
U.S. vs AT&T court documents3C27D8
U.S. vs. G. Gordon Liddy, et al.3C27D7
U.S. vs. J.Ehrlichman, et al.3C27D7
U.S. vs. John B. Connally, et al.3C27D7
U.S. vs. John N. Mitchell, et al.3C27D7
Udokang Successions of new states to internatl. treaties3C19D2
UNDOC Current index3C17D4
United Kingdom treaty series3C5D6
United Nations Documents3C17D4
United Nations treaty series3C17D2-3
United States code annotated1C29D4-5
United States compiled statutes annotated 19161C3D6
United States jurist1C17D2
United States monthly law magazine1C17D2
University law review1C17D2
Upper Canada court records, 1789-17943C1D4
Utah A.G. reports and opinions1C6D3
Utah bar journal ( Voir Dire)1C8D7
Utah Constitutional conventions1C12D7
Utah session laws1C26D6
Utah statutes (superseded)1C35D2
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Van Meurs. Law of the sea-bed3C19D8
Vermont A.G. reports and opinions1C6D3
Vermont bar1C8D7
Vermont bar journal1C8D7
Vermont bar journal & law digest1C8D7
Vermont Constitutional conventions1C12D7
Vermont session laws1C26D7
Vermont statutes annotated and public laws (superseded)1C35D3
Vietnam law collection3C11D6
Virgin Islands A.G. reports and opinions1C6D3
Virgin Islands code annotated (superseded)1C35D3
Virgin Islands session laws1C26D8
Virginia A.G. reports and opinions1C6D3
Virginia Bar Association journal1C8D8
Virginia bar news1C8D8
Virginia code annotated (superseded)1C35D4
Virginia Constitutional conventions1C12D7
Virginia lawyer1C8D8
Virginia lawyer register1C8D8
Virginia reports1C48D6
Virginia session laws1C27D1
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Wakefield. The duty of confidence . . .3C19D1
Wallace's reports of cases1C18D2
Washington A.G. reports and opinions1C6D3
Washington Constitutional conventions1C12D7
Washington lawyer1C8D8
Washington session laws1C27D2
Washington State Bar news1C8D8
Washington state code (superseded)1C35D5
West coast reporter1C17D2
West CRS1C54D1-8
West Virginia A.G. reports and opinions1C6D4
West Virginia code annotated1C35D6
West Virginia Constitutional conventions1C12D7
West Virginia lawyer1C8D8
West Virginia session laws1C27D3
West Virginia State Bar journal1C8D8
Western jurist1C17D2
Western law monthly, The1C17D2
Western law reporter3C2D7
Western law times & reports3C2D7
Westmacott. Western Canada and the National . . .3C19D1
Whitman's patent cases3C5D5
Wisconsin A.G. reports and opinions1C6D4
Wisconsin bar bulletin1C8D8
Wisconsin Constitutional conventions1C12D7
Wisconsin lawyer1C8D8
Wisconsin session laws1C27D4
Wisconsin statutes annotated (superseded)1C35D7-8
Women and law3C7D5-6
Women Lawyers journal1C8D8
Women's rights of inheritance3C19D2
Working Documents and Correspondence of the Ethics Committee of American Association of Law Libraries3C19D8
Writ, The1C17D2
Wyoming A.G. reports and opinions1C6D4
Wyoming Constitutional conventions1C12D7
Wyoming lawyer1C8D8
Wyoming session laws1C27D5
Wyoming statutes annotated (superseded)1C35D9
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Yale Blackstone collection3C19D4-5
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Zechariah Chafee, Jr. papers3C25D4-5
Zussman. International law regulating . . .3C19D2