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Louisiana Materials

Louisiana materials, a special assemblage of about 13,000 volumes, is now shelved on the second and third floors. Louisiana legal materials are collected mainly through the state depository program and direct agency contact. Core items include legislative calendars, journals, résumés, bills and acts, as well as agency reports and administrative decisions. Non-depository materials found in this collection include a complete set of Louisiana case reporters dating back to 1809 including Louisiana Reports, Southern Reporter, and the Louisiana Courts of Appeals Reports. Nominative reporters such as Martin and Robinson are found here. Older editions of the Louisiana civil code, statutes and digests, and older editions of legal treatises and final law school exams are also included.

The Louisiana Collection is split into two parts, classified materials shelved on the second floor and the unclassified materials shelved on the third floor north wall. The unclassified materials include reporters (early reporters and the Southern Reporter), acts, and statutes. Unclassified materials do not circulate.