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Library Policies

Use of the Law Library constitutes an agreement to abide by the Law Library guidelines.

Food and Drink
Food is not allowed in the Law Library. Non-alcoholic drinks are allowed in spill proof or covered containers. Please clean up any spills and discard or recycle any empty beverage containers.

Quiet conversation is allowed on the library’s first and second floors. The third and fourth floors are Quiet Zones reserved for study. Please refrain from talking on these floors.

Reserve Room
Books in the Reserve Room may be used in that room or checked out for use elsewhere in the library for a period of two hours.

Lost or Damaged Materials
The cost of replacement or repair of damaged items must be paid by the person who charged out the item. If the Circulation Librarian is notified that an item is lost, the amount due will be the total of the processing fee ($30) and the replacement cost. If the lost item is found and returned after the fees have been paid, the total paid will be refunded through the LSU Bursar’s Office. The processing fee will not be refunded.

Reshelving Books
Books used in the library should be returned to their proper shelf after use. This is a courtesy owed to fellow students.

Please use all tobacco products (chewing and smoking) outside the library.

Examination of Property
The library reserves the right to examine briefcases and other property of all persons leaving the library or the Reserve Room.

Use of Facilities for Studying
The Law Library is available as a study facility for LSU and Southern Law Center students only. Others may use the collection for legal reference and research.

Laptops and Telephones
On the first and second floors of the library, please keep your cell phone calls quiet and brief. On all floors, please silence your cell phones for the benefit of all patrons. Also on all floors, music and videos streamed from either a cell phone or a laptop computer should be enjoyed through earbuds or headphones so as not to disturb other patrons. Please do not use computer cables where they will be a hazard to others.

Filming in the Library Policy
Filming and photography in the LSU Law Library is permitted with prior approval from the Law Library Administration. Approval will be granted to law students, faculty, and staff who wish to film in the library for LSU Law Center-related activities. Please see the full policy.

Sign Policy
Signage posted in the Library for student organizations and related LSU Law events must be approved by the Library staff. Please direct all requests to at least three working days prior to when the signs are to be posted and include an attached copy of the sign on letter-size paper (8.5″ x 11″).

Once approved, library staff will post signs in one or more of the following locations: Law Library entrance, Circulation Desk sign stands, and within library elevator sign holders. Signs can remain posted for up to ten days.

Scented Diffusers
The use of scented diffusers are prohibited in the library.