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Exam4 – Take Home Exams

For take home exams, you will start Exam4 the same way as an in-class exam except for the exam mode which will be “TAKEHOME” instead of another Exam4 mode. The exam questions are obtained directly within the Exam4 software as shown in step 10 of the practice test instructions. The key differences between a take home exam and an in-class exam are:

  • Exam4 will allow access to the Internet and files on your computer such as class notes in “TAKEHOME” mode.
  • You have the ability to start an exam and reopen it later if you prefer. To reopen a take home exam that you have already started but took a break by using the “Suspend” option, choose “Select existing exam” when you open the software.
  • Do not use Microsoft Word or any other word processor to type your exam. You must type your answers in the Exam4 software in “TAKEHOME” mode.

For more information, please see the take home exam FAQ. If you have any questions or problems with using Exam4, please contact Law ITS at