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Exam4 – Multiple Choice

This is a tutorial for taking a multiple choice exam in Exam4. Each of the screenshots below can be enlarged by clicking on the image. Please note that the Exam4 multiple choice feature is limited to 300 entries for multiple choice responses. Faculty members should be aware of this limit when preparing any exam that has multiple choice questions.

To access the multiple choice menu in Exam4, just start the software as you normally would and click the “Multiple Choice” menu near the top of the screen after launching an exam.

Once you click the “Multiple Choice” menu, you will see the interface where you can input your answers.

After initially marking your answer to a question, the selected letter (A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J) will be highlighted. You can change it by clicking “Clear” to the right of the answer choices. You can also click “Mark” to mark the question for review before ending the exam.

If you wish to change an answer once you have left the question and have come back to it, you can do so by clicking “Unlock” to the right of the answer choices. When you are finished entering your multiple choice answers, click the “Hide” button in the bottom right portion of the multiple choice interface and you will be returned to the essay screen. You can switch back and forth between the essay and multiple choice portions of the exam as needed. The multiple choice answers will be included with the exam submission when you end the exam and submit the essay portion.