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Professor Nick Bryner will speak at the Jacksonville University Law Review Symposium on Feb. 23 in Jacksonville, Florida. The symposium is focused on Environmental Law and Impacts on Coastal Communities. He will discuss “shifting baselines” in perceptions of climate change and the impact that has on law and policy, such as the impact of sea level rise on flood control policy.

Professor Missy Lonegrass will present "Catching Up to the Common Law: Louisiana’s Modern Bona Fide Purchaser Doctrine," at Mississippi College School of Law in Jackson, Mississippi on March 4.

Professor Bill Corbett’s essay, “Professionalism in an Age of Incivility and Polarization: The Role of a Lawyer in Lessening Division and Polarization in Society,” was published in the Dec. 2023/Jan. 2024 issue of the Louisiana Bar Journal.

Professor Bill Corbett’s article, “Reasonably Accommodating Employment Discrimination Law,” has been accepted for publication in a forthcoming issue of the Penn State Law Review.

Professor Ray Diamond is quoted by The Advocate in an article about the federal case of rap star NBA YoungBoy of Baton Rouge and how it may be affected by a new standard on how the courts apply federal gun-control laws that was set by the U.S. Supreme Court just 19 months ago.

Professor Bill Corbett is quoted by Crain's Chicago Business in an article that explores how the three big airlines—United, American, and Southwest—have found themselves at the center of an intensifying social media backlash and political debate regarding the companies' DEI policies. A key issue will be whether affirmative action programs that were struck down in academia last year by the U.S. Supreme Court will be outlawed in the workplace as well.

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