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About the Faculty

Guiding Students

LSU law faculty are renowned for going the extra mile, inside and outside the classroom, to assure their students of state-of-the-art education. “There is such a broad spectrum of personalities reflected in our faculty. I enjoy them all …What they all have in common is that they are brilliant, helpful, and they genuinely want to give us the tools necessary to become awesome at whatever we choose to do,” said Ashley Mayes, Class of 2011 (Houston, Texas).

Creating Knowledge

LSU Law faculty consider teaching their primary responsibility. They devote much of their time to teaching classes, as well as conducting review sessions, meeting with individual students and study groups, and advising students on individual projects. Outside of the classroom, faculty are known for their scholarship and service. Along with writing principal Louisiana treatises in their areas of expertise, they regularly service the legal community at the state and federal government levels. Current faculty members have published hundreds of articles, books, and Louisiana casebooks on a wide range of topics, including Louisiana and civilian law, national law, and comparative and international law, among others. Read more about our current faculty members.

Serving the Profession

The Law Center values service activities of its faculty. As a state-supported law school, the LSU Law Center renders significant service to the Louisiana bar, bench, and legislature.

The Law Center is home to the Louisiana Law Institute that was chartered, created, and organized as an official law revision commission, a legal research agency of the state of Louisiana. The executive director, a long-time member of the Law Center faculty, and two additional faculty members, serve as members of the Council of the Institute. Four professors serve as reporters or chairs.

In addition, an LSU Law faculty member is director of the Louisiana Judicial College, which offers continuing education to the state’s judges. Other faculty direct and participate in programs of the Louisiana Association of Defense Counsel, and several Louisiana State Bar Association and Louisiana Supreme Court committees as well as various commissions and agencies established by the legislature.

Faculty members serve as speakers for statewide Continuing Legal Education programs, frequently appear as experts to testify before the Louisiana Legislature and both state and federal courts, and comments for the state and national media.

Combining Old and New

The Law Center faculty consists of 38 full-time faculty members, and the Legal Research and Writing program is staffed by five professors of professional practice.

Fourteen of the full-time professors are new faculty members, added to the LSU Law Center faculty since 2002. The faculty brings experience, diversity in terms of gender, previous legal practice, and geography. Twelve of the members of the faculty began their careers at LSU, while 26 were hired after experience teaching at other institutions. The average length of teaching experience among the faculty is 22 years, with 21 faculty members possessing at least 15 years of experience and 17 faculty members possessing at least 25 years of experience. Nine possess advanced degrees in law, and most faculty members entered their teaching careers after an average of five years of practice.