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Interlibrary Loan (Students)

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Interlibrary loan supports the research and course-related activity of the LSU Law community by obtaining photocopies and short-term loans of materials that are not available at LSU. Interlibrary Loan (ILL) borrowing is available to LSU Law Center faculty, students, and staff. If a patron needs a book or copy of an article that is not available within the LSU Library system, library staff can attempt to borrow from another library. We advise you to check with a reference librarian prior to completing an ILL request form. Reference Librarians can assist you with locating materials within the LSU Libraries as well as with locating full-ext electronic resources. Obtaining materials through LSU Libraries is faster than waiting for the arrival of Interlibrary Loan materials.

Faculty and students affiliated with other LSU system campus are encouraged to request interlibrary loan service from their school library.

Requesting Material

Requests should be submitted via our web form at: If you are a first time LSU Law ILLiad User, you will need to create a username and password here before submitting your requests.

Generally, ILL is intended for borrowing material that is not available on this campus, however exceptions may be made. If an item is noted as missing in the Law Library or the LSU Libraries catalogs, make note of this in the Notes field on your request form, e.g., “catalog indicates copy is missing.”

  • We do not request items that are on reserve at the Law Library.
  • We do not request material that is available in PDF format online.
  • We will request items that patrons are not able to locate only after a search has been completed by the Circulation staff. Please indicate this in the “Notes” field.
  • We will borrow checked-out materials only after a recall has failed. Please indicate this in the “Notes” field.

Number of Requests

There is no limit to the total number of items that a patron may request through interlibrary loan, as long as the privilege is not abused and requests abide by U.S. Copyright Laws. The library may only order five articles per year from a single journal (published within the most recent five years) without having to pay a copyright fee. Please keep this in mind when submitting photocopy requests.

Delivery Timeframe

Books are generally sent by UPS or U.S. Mail, which can take 1-2 weeks for your loan to arrive. International requests may take longer.  Photocopies are usually sent by e-mail, fax, or other electronic means and may arrive within 2-3 days. The ILL staff assumes that all material is needed in a timely manner and makes every effort to get the material to this campus in the shortest time possible. If a request is marked by the patron as a RUSH, staff will place a priority on the request, however there are no guarantees that the material will arrive any faster.


Students and staff will receive an email notification when requested material has arrived. The material may be picked up at the Law Library Circulation Desk.  For faculty, requested material is delivered to their offices. Photocopied material is sent electronically to the e-mail address listed on the patron’s ILLiad record.

Length of Loan Period

The loan period is set by the lending library. In most circumstances, books are loaned for 4 weeks. You will find the due date marked on the book band.

Overdue Items and Notices

All overdue and/or replacement charges are assessed by the lending library.  Notify the Law Library staff immediately if a loan is lost or damaged.

A “due soon” notice is sent during the week before the item is due.

The first overdue notice is sent during the first week that the item is past due.

The second overdue notice is sent during the second week that the item is past due, and ILLiad privileges are blocked automatically in the system until the item is returned.


Please limit your renewal requests to two per loan. Renewal requests can be sent to or or submitted electronically via your ILLiad patron record. Please include the ILL number, which is noted on the book band.  Library staff will contact the lending library and ask permission to renew the item. Patrons will be informed of the outcome of the renewal request by the library staff. Renewals are usually granted for an additional 2-4 weeks.

Restrictions on Borrowed Books

IN LIBRARY USE: Occasionally a lender will require that material be used in the library only. Patrons will be notified that the material is in the Law Library Rare Book Room.

PHOTOCOPYING: Some libraries will not permit photocopying. This will be noted on the book band.

NO RENEWALS: If no renewals are permitted, this will be noted on the book band.

Returning ILL Material

All borrowed material is to be returned to the Law Library Circulation Desk. Patrons with unreturned books or books that were damaged while in their possession will be charged replacement/repair costs determined by the lending library and, in addition, a processing fee.

Items Not Available Through Interlibrary Loan

Occasionally we are not able to obtain material that is requested. If the title is in keeping with our Collection Development Policy we may be able to purchase the item.  Patrons will be notified if this is the case. If there is a problem with a citation, the patron will be referred to Reference staff for assistance.  Source citers may be encouraged to contact the author of the piece.

Non-LSU Libraries, Organizations, and Individuals

We selectively provide interlibrary lending to other libraries, academic institutions, government and non-profit entities as well as for-profit organizations. We do not accept requests from individuals.  If you are not affiliated with an institution and wish to borrow material from the Law Library, please contact your local library to place a request.