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LSU Law Logo

LSU Law Logo Usage Guide

Starting January 1, 2017, the LSU Paul M. Hebert Law Center adopted a new logo that establishes itself as part of the LSU system. The following guidelines were developed to assist all units of the LSU Law Center with the proper application of the LSU Law logo in accordance with University policies. Only LSU Law student organizations and the Alumni Office may use the Old logo.

Old logos: DO NOT USE


New logo


The LSU Law logo is primarily for campus communication pieces and official documents and correspondence.

The LSU Law logo must appear as the dominant mark on the front of all publications and websites representing any entity within the LSU Law Center.

The logo has a limited color palette.

The LSU Law logo may only appear in the following approved LSU colors: purple, gold, black, white, and gray.


LSU Purple LSU Gold
Black Gray


Never “edit” the logo.

Placing anything in front of, adding a stroke or outline to, or adding gradients, patterns or effects to the LSU Law logo is prohibited. This includes placing borders, boxes, or shapes around or behind the LSU Law logo, including a white box.



International Students

When producing communication materials for international audiences or other audiences that may not be familiar with what the letters “LSU” stand for, always use the LSU logo with the full university name (Louisiana State University) in support of the abbreviation.


The use of the outline of the Old Law Building is permitted for use in select cases with Alumni Relations and student organizations. Student organizations must have their projects using any LSU Law logo approved by the LSU Law Communications Department.

The LSU Law Seal

The LSU Law Seal is only to be used in these specific instances:

  • diplomas and certificates evidencing completion of degree requirements and/or courses of study;
  • all transcripts of grades earned by those completing course work;
  • all contracts and documents that require the signature of the president of the LSU Administration involving the purchasing, selling, or leasing of land or facilities the Board of Supervisors, if such documents or contracts require a seal.

Download the LSU Law logo guidelines »