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Civil Law Online is an extension of the LSU Law Library, which contains one of the most extensive collections in the United States of Civil Law materials.

Louisiana Law: Materials from the rich civil law culture of Louisiana are included in this database. Louisiana materials are divided in two main groups: Codes & Legislation and Academic Writing. The first group includes, among others, codes, constitutions, and revised statutes. The second group, currently not activated, will mainly contain books and law review articles.

Civil Law in the World: Materials are arranged by country or regional organization, all being listed by alphabetic order. Subdivisions are: Codes & Legislation and Academic Writing. The first group includes civil codes, and will occasionally include the texts of constitutions and other legislation. The second group, currently not activated, will mainly contain books and law review articles.

LSU Civil Law Materials: This forthcoming menu will include materials created by LSU members, divided into four main groups: Faculty, Alumni, Graduate Research Papers, and Law Library.

Websites & Blogs: It includes links to websites and blogs focusing on the civil law and comparative studies both in Louisiana and worldwide.

Each menu will contain a search box and a showcase-list of recent uploads. The search engine will enable searches by title and/or key words. In addition, the search engine will enable the search in one or several sections of the database or in all of them at once. Key words should be searched in English while titles and names may be searched in the language of origin.

Civil Law Online
also provides access to other Louisiana civil law publications:

Louisiana Civil Code Online: Louisiana Civil Code Online gives open access to an up-to-date edition of the civil code of Louisiana in English and in French, later to be complemented with a Spanish translation.

Digest of 1808: The Digest of the Civil Laws now in Force in the Territory of Orleans, enacted in 1808, is often described as the first Louisiana civil code. It is accessible in the original French and in the English translation of the time. Manuscript notes were extracted from the De la Vergne Volume.

Louisiana Law Review: Founded in 1938, the Louisiana Law Review fosters the study of civil and comparative law, and serves the bar and judiciary of the state by comments of cases and current legal problems. It is edited by a board of student editors, with faculty cooperation.

Journal of Civil Law Studies: Founded in 2008, the JCLS is a peer-reviewed periodical, circulated freely and electronically. The JCLS promotes a multidisciplinary and comparative approach of the civil law and its relationship with other legal systems.