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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to the LSU Law Center and where do I park?
Click here for a map with directions and information on parking.

How many credit hours of mandatory CLE do I need each year in Louisiana?
Twelve and one half (12.5) credit hours, including one (1) credit hour of Ethics and one (1) credit hour of Professionalism. Credits must be earned by December 31 and reported by January 31 of the following year. Effective January 1, 2003, credit hours are calculated on a 60-minute basis.

How do I report my credit hours for attending one of your programs?
When you attend any of our CLE programs, we will issue a Louisiana attendance form to you. You must complete and sign the form and leave it with us. As the program sponsor, we are required to submit your form to the Louisiana Supreme Court Committee on Mandatory Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) for you. If you send your form directly to the Committee on MCLE for processing, your form will be sent back to you with instructions to submit it to the seminar sponsor for further handling.

How many credit hours may I carry forward to next year?
A maximum of eight (8) credit hours earned in a calendar year may be carried forward to the next calendar year – no farther. No carry forward of Ethics and Professionalism is allowed.

I am a new attorney. When do I have to start earning mandatory CLE credits?
Any newly admitted active Member shall, during the year of his or her admission through the next calendar year, attend twelve and one half (12.5) hours of approved CLE and not less than eight (8) of such hours shall concern legal ethics, professionalism, or law office management.

Law office management concerns knowledge and skill of office practice including courses on how to:

a. Open and operate a client trust account;
b. Establish a calendar (tickler) system;
c. Communicate with clients;
d. Set fee arrangements, send engagement letters, and establish billing procedures;
e. Avoid and/or obtain help for substance abuse problems;
f. Supervise staff;
g. Organize files;
h. Utilize a conflicts check system;
i. Handle a disciplinary complaint;
j. Terminate representation; and
k. Return files.

CLE Credit Information Disclaimer
The Committee on MCLE, not LSU Law Center, has the duty to track all CLE credit hours and exercise general supervisory authority over the administration of the CLE Rules. If you have a specific question concerning CLE requirements, we encourage you to contact the Committee on MCLE at 1-800-518-1518, or visit: