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Enrollment and Registration


I. Evaluate and Rank the Courses

A. Read the course descriptions and listen to the video. The course descriptions are attached to this email and are described in greater detail in the video link. Instructor biographies are also attached and described in the video. You will realize that every one of the instructors is an attorney at the top of the profession.

B. Rank the courses in order of your preference. If there is a course that you absolutely would not take, then don’t rank it. However, I would strongly urge you to accept whatever assignment you are offered. You are receiving ungraded credit so your GPA will not be affected and each of these courses offer valuable lessons on how to be a good, professional lawyer. Also, don’t leave courses unranked in an effort to behave strategically. It doesn’t happen very often, but if you only rank your top courses (for example), we may not be able to accommodate your request and then you may not be able to participate or will be put at the end of the queue for placement.

II. Complete the Application no later than WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 1

A. Fill out the Apprenticeship Week Course Preference Form
B. Submit a Statement of Interest explaining why you prefer a certain section
C. Submit a resume with a GPA (GPA is not used to assign students to particular sections.)
D. Sign the enrollment agreement indicating that you understand that you will only be allowed to drop with permission of the Director
E. You will receive email notice of your assigned section in due course.