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LSU Law Students Achieve State’s Highest Passage Rate on July 2015 Bar Exam

LSU Law Center students achieved the state’s highest passage rate among all examinees on the latest Louisiana State Bar Exam, according to results released October 9 by the Committee on Bar Admissions of the Supreme Court of Louisiana.  The results are for test takers who sat for the statewide bar examination in July 2015.

Of all LSU Law test takers in July, 78% successfully passed the exam. Among LSU graduates taking the bar exam for the first time, 82.73 % passed.

In a joint statement LSU Law Center Interim Co-Deans Cheney Joseph and Bill Corbett said, “The LSU Law Center community is proud of our recent graduates’ performance on the July 2015 Louisiana State Bar Exam. Our graduates’ passage rate of 78% led the state and surpassed the state average of 61.89% by a greater margin than in 2014. Congratulations to our 2015 graduates on their performance. The bar passage rate for this year is further evidence that a legal education at the Paul M. Hebert Law Center of Louisiana State University is a great investment and a great value.”

The LSU Law Center’s first-time-taker pass rate also was the highest in the state at 82.73% compared with a state average of 69.48%.  This also was a greater margin than in 2014.  The relative pass rate among first-time test takers is the metric that is used by U.S. New and World Report for its ranking system.

The results for all first- time test takers are as follows:

JULY 2015

LSU 139 115 (82.73%) 24 (17.27%)
LOYOLA 137 98 (71.53%) 39 (28.47)
SOUTHERN 108 56 (51.85%) 52 (48.15%)
TULANE 92 67 (72.83) 25 (27.17%)
OTHER 104 67 (64.42%) 37 (35.58%)
TOTAL 580 403 (69.48%) 177 (30.52%)


The results for all test takers are as follows:

JULY 2015

LSU 150 117 (78%) 33 (22%)
LOYOLA 163 104 (63.80%) 59 (36.20%)
SOUTHERN 153 63 (41.18%) 90 (58.82%)
TULANE 100 72 (72%) 28 (28%)
OTHER 132 76 (57.58%) 56 (42.42%)
TOTAL 698 432 (61.89%) 266 (38.11%)


Bar passage is required before graduating law students may practice in Louisiana. The results include the percentage of examinees passing the bar exam who graduated from the state’s public and private law schools and the percentage passing who graduated from out-of-state law schools. The report is available at