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Symposium Objective and Purpose

Legalized gambling and sports are major contributors to our local, regional, and national economies. Louisiana and Mississippi’s combined revenues from legalized gambling in 2014 alone were nearly 5 billion dollars. Professional and college sports teams and events are also strong cultural and economic drivers, both having billion dollar impacts locally, regionally, and nationally.

Both sports and gaming are, however, industries which involve complex legal issues.

These issues run the gamut from regulatory and licensing requirements to admiralty issues associated with riverboat gaming; from online gaming to employment contract issues for professional athletes. Furthermore, as technology continues to evolve rapidly, new legal issues are arising in the sports and gaming arena, from fantasy football to online poker, on a near weekly basis.

These complex and evolving legal issues are extremely important as they have a direct impact on major economic drivers in our state, our region, and our country at large. Furthermore, recent protests had raised issues related to the intersection of sports and civil rights into the public consciousness.

In this Symposium, the LSU Law Center, the Pugh Center for Justice and experts from across the country will gather to discuss and analyze these important, complex, and evolving legal issues. Please join us as we explore this important convergence of sports, gaming, and the law.