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Symposium Objective and Purpose

2018 marked the 150th Anniversary of the enactment of the 14th Amendment, which the Supreme Court of the United States has interpreted to develop changes in the law that have provided protections for many formerly unrepresented and unprotected persons in the nation. Developments in civil rights, equal protection, citizenship, and other areas of constitutional law arose out of its enactment and our nation is continually changed as a result.

In this Symposium, the LSU Law Center through the Louisiana Law Review, the Pugh Institute for Justice, and legal historians and scholars from across the country will gather to discuss and analyze these important, complex, controversial, and evolving legal issues. The Symposium features renowned scholars, including Professor Paul Finkelman, Professor Bertrall Ross, Professor Mark Summers, Professor D. Wendy Brown Scott, Professor Earl Maltz, Professor Orville Vernon Burton, Professor Seth Davis, Professor Nicholas Stephanopoulos, Professor Michael Higginbotham, and others, such as journalist Alysa Landry and Dr. Pablo Davis, clerk to Judge Bernice Donald of the U.S. Sixth Circuit. Professors and scholars from the Paul M. Hebert Law Center will moderate panels of these scholars and writers and assist us in addressing these issues.

Please join us as we explore the history of the 14th Amendment, particularly that history connected to cases and issues in Louisiana, and then grapple with issues of citizenship, equal protection, and the future of the 14th Amendment.