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Student Profiles

Class of 2022

“I am very excited to introduce the idea for the Class of 2022’s Legacy gift. The 3L officers wanted this year’s gift to be something memorable for our class and uplifting and inspiring for future classes. This piece of art, which will be hung above the escalators, will show the connection our class has with the law school and the connection PMH has with the rest of Louisiana. Therefore, join me in supporting the installation of some stunning and upbeat art at our law school!”

Class of 2016

"I love the camaraderie that I built with my classmates. Although it's a competitive environment, it’s very collegial. It pushes you to be as good as you can be because you have such sharp people around you."
"I chose LSU Law because I liked the idea of being awarded two degrees upon graduation, and I had heard that LSU provides a top-notch education for an affordable price."
"When comparing law schools, I was extremely concerned about not only the quality of my legal education, but also the amount of money I would end up paying for that education. I was accepted to multiple schools all over the country but stuck with LSU because I will graduate with a smaller amount of debt and will have received an excellent education."
"You're in class every day with the same people, you study with the same people ... The people around you, you build the strongest of bonds with them."
"People who go to LSU Law love LSU Law and they love it for a long time. There are some really amazing alums who are more than happy to meet with students, talk with students, get involved in our LSU community, and so the ability to meet these people, form relationships with these people is amazing and is something that LSU Law does so well."

Class of 2015

"Baton Rouge is my home, and I plan to keep it that way for a long time. Plus, the opportunities in the Baton Rouge area are taking off!"

Class of 2011

"I consider myself fortunate to have the friendships I have created thus far at the Law Center. The students I have met come from a wide array of backgrounds and their stories are equally diverse and interesting. There is a sense of unity and companionship throughout the Law Center that is fostered by our common goal to become successful practicing lawyers. I look forward to continuing these relationships long after leaving the halls of the Law Center."
"I can honestly say, I don't think there is another person in the class who is just like me. The admissions office picked a very diverse group of people to enter the 1L class ... we get along very well."
"This isn't a place where you will study all day and then go home. There are so many functions throughout the year that allow everyone to get to know one another. Other than socials and student clubs, intramural and the annual Barrister’s Bowl are great ways to meet other students. This is the only law school I know of that hosts a full-contact, regulation football game to raise money for a designated charity."
"I quickly realized how LSU Law maintains such a respectable reputation when I met the other students. LSU sets high admissions standards, so everyone enters law school with a background as the “top student” in their undergraduate curriculum. Having highly intelligent peers just enhances the overall quality of the education at LSU Law."
"Everyone at LSU is geared towards the success of the students. Everyone is open and accessible—from the librarians to the admissions and student records office to Chancellor Jack Weiss with his regular town hall meetings."
"There are students here from all different walks of life and that enhances the learning experience. Being exposed to a variety of different perspectives breathes life into the law in ways that I would never have imagined."

Class of 2010

"The law, particularly international law, has always fascinated me because it is a way to connect people across the globe to one another, particularly in the corporate and business world."

Class of 2009

"I was happily surprised to learn that LSU Law embraced the ideals of southern hospitality. It is a very friendly environment where students, faculty, and staff are eager to assist each other. This attitude of concern and hospitality for others has made the LSU Law Center experience one that I will remember fondly."
"I've been blessed to get to know some really great people while in law school; people I hope will be lifelong friends and colleagues. The student body represents a variety of different personalities and backgrounds, but we share the common bond of having endured the tough (and funny!) aspects of law school together."
"This is the first time I am living on my own. Louisiana is a very different state than Florida, and I was put into an extremely academically competitive environment, far surpassing what I was used to. I believe that these experiences will prepare me for any challenge I may face in the future."
"I chose LSU Law Center because I was looking for an affordable school with a good academic reputation and an international perspective. I was also surprised to find students from such broad academic backgrounds."
"I am still amazed that I am taught by the people who actually had a hand in making the laws of the state or wrote the treatises that we all rely upon for help. Sometimes I feel as though I have a backstage pass to know what is going on and what the true intent of laws are by listening to their stories."