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Accommodations FAQs

What should I do to receive accommodations at the Law Center?

For temporary or permanent accommodations, students must submit documentation to determine eligibility in accordance with the American Disabilities Act (ADA) to the LSU Disability Services office.  The Disability Services office will evaluate the documentation to determine if changes to the academic environment are warranted.

When should I apply for accommodations?

Students who believe that they need reasonable ADA accommodations should contact the Disability Services office as soon as the student is aware of the need.  The decision process may take several weeks to receive a decision.

Am I guaranteed to receive accommodations from the university?

No.  A learning disability does not automatically qualify a student for academic accommodations.  The Disability Services office will evaluate the extent the disability impacts the student’s learning and make their decision.

Does the Law Center decide whether I will receive accommodations or which accommodations I will receive?

No.  The Law Center is not involved in the evaluation process for accommodations.  If approved, the Disability services office will notify the Law Center’s Assistant Dean for Student Affairs.  The Assistant Dean will make sure that you receive your accommodations at the Law Center.

If I am not approved for accommodations, may I appeal?

If you disagree with accommodations or other services that have been determined by the Disability Services office, first speak with the member of the stuff that you worked with to submit your application for accommodations.  If you remain unsatisfied after speaking with the Disability Services staff member, please contact Mr. Benjamin Cornwell, Associate Dean of Students & Director of Disability Services, at or 225.578.5919.

If a satisfactory resolution has not been reached after speaking with Dean Cornwell, you may file a formal grievance, as defined by LSU’s Policy on Disability Service, Duties, and Compliance (PS-26).

What is the difference between and in-class and an exam accommodation?

In class accommodations are changes to the regular delivery of classroom instruction or the materials associated with the class.  In class accommodations accommodate how students learn, not what they learn.

Exam accommodations are changes to the format of a test (e.g., printing an exam in large print) or its administration procedures (e.g., receiving extra time on an exam or being placed in a distraction reduced environment.

If I am recommended for accommodations by the Disability Services office, what happens next?

Once the Disability Services has evaluated the documentation that you presented, a recommendation for accommodations will be communicated to the Law Center’s Assistant Dean for Student Affairs.  The Assistant Dean will work to implement accommodations at the Law Center.

Students receiving exam accommodations are required to submit a final exam accommodation request form.  Deadline information for the form will be communicated via email each semester.

  • Please note that students receiving accommodations for the first time are required to meet with the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs before submitting their exam accommodation request form to the Law Center. The Assistant Dean will meet with students receiving in class accommodations soon after being approved for accommodations.  The Assistant Dean will meet with students receiving exam accommodations closer to the exam period.

If I am approved for accommodations, will my disability and/or my accommodations remain confidential?

The Law Center makes every effort to maintain the confidentiality of students receiving accommodations.  Law Center personnel are not aware of the reasons that students receive accommodations, only the accommodations approved.  For some in class accommodations, professors will receive notification of the accommodation (e.g., a student with an accommodation to use a laptop in class enrolls in a class with a laptop ban.  The professor will be notified that the student is entitled to use a laptop in the class).

If I receive an accommodation for additional time for in class assignments, will I receive accommodations for every assignment?

No.  Students receiving additional time on class assignments as an accommodation will receive the extra time when the assignment must be completed during one class period.  if students receive time equal to more than one class session to complete an assignment, additional time will not be granted.

If I receive an accommodation for a distraction reduced environment or a private room, when will I receive my exam room assignment?

Accommodated exams will be proctored in 122 Johnston Hall.

If I have been approved for in class and/or exam accommodations, but I am not receiving them, who should I contact? 

Please contact Assistant Dean Henry at