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Student Emergency Relief Fund

The LSU Law Center maintains a Student Emergency Relief Fund to address law students’ emergency needs. The fund provides limited financial assistance when students are unable to meet immediate, essential expenses due to a temporary hardship.

Emergency funds have been established through the generosity of private donors, with the express purpose of addressing law students’ emergency needs.

The funds may be awarded to students experiencing unforeseen expenses that, if not resolved quickly, could lead to their departure from LSU Law and/or loss of momentum toward completion of their law degrees. Students may not obtain emergency funding from both the Law Center Student Emergency Relief Fund and LSU’s similar Student Emergency Support Fund. Awards will typically range between $250 and $750; the maximum initial award will be $1,000.

For more information, contact Daphne James at or (225) 578-8646. Students with temporary hardship who are unable to meet immediate, essential expenses exceeding $1,000 should contact Assistant Dean Jake Henry at for additional referrals to the Financial Aid Office and other sources.

Process for Applying

Please read these sections of the website prior to making application:  Process for Determining Award; Types of Covered Expenses; Amounts of the Award; Eligibility Requirements for AwardIt is critically important that students provide documentation to substantiate the need for assistance. See the Eligibility Requirements for Award for types of documentation that can greatly enhance your opportunity for aid.

Grant funds will be considered on a rolling basis during those periods when funds are available in the Student Emergency Relief Fund. To be considered for this grant, students must complete an online application, found here. In conjunction with completing the online application, students should provide applicable Supporting Documentation via a separate DocuSign form (referenced on the online application).