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LSU Law awards 208 degrees to Class of 2024 graduates

Confetti falls on the LSU Law Class of 2024 at the conclusion of commencement on Saturday, May 18, in the Pete Maravich Assembly Center.

Confetti falls on the LSU Law Class of 2024 at the conclusion of commencement on Saturday, May 18, in the Pete Maravich Assembly Center.

LSU Law has conferred degrees to 208 students who graduated as part of the Class of 2024.

Among the graduates, 160 earned a Juris Doctor and optional Graduate Diploma in Comparative Law (JDCL), while 39 earned a Juris Doctor (JD), and nine earned a Master of Laws (LLM). Twenty-two graduates also earned an optional Graduate Certificate in Estate Planning and Taxation (GCEPT), and nine earned an optional Graduate Certificate in Energy Law and Policy (GCELP).

The LSU Law Class of 2024 represents 18 states, two foreign countries, and 32 Louisiana parishes.

LSU Law held commencement exercises for the Class of 2024 on Saturday, May 18, in the Pete Maravich Assembly Center on the LSU campus. The Hon. Dana Douglas, who was sworn in as first Black female judge to serve on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit on March 10, 2023, delivered the commencement address.

It marked the first commencement at LSU Law for Dean Alena Allen, who began serving in her role on July 1, 2023. Allen provided opening remarks to the LSU Law Class of 2024 and presented the annual faculty and staff awards, which were voted on by the LSU Law student body.

Professor Nikolaos Davrados, who joined the faculty at the start of the 2023-24 year, was recognized as the Professor of the Year. He also participated in the ceremonial hooding of the graduates, along with Assistant Dean of Student Affairs Jake Henry.

Associate Director of Career Services Melanie Anderson received the Staff Member of the Year award, and Professor Emeritus Alain Levasseur was recognized as the Adjunct Professor of the Year. Allen also acknowledged and thanked Professor P. Raymond Lamonica (’70), who is retiring after a 50-year career at LSU Law and LSU.

Honorary guests included LSU Board of Supervisors Member Rémy Starns and LSU Executive Vice President and Provost Roy Haggerty. LSU Law Associate Dean of Academic and Student Affairs Andrea Carroll read the roll of graduates.

2023-24 Student Bar Association Executive President Kathleen Peppo delivered the student welcome and 2023-24 3L Class President Richard Robertson III provided the class farewell. Class of 2024 graduate D’Andrea Carter performed the Star-Spangled Banner to open the ceremony.

See a photo gallery from the LSU Law Class of 2024 Commencement.

The LSU Law Class of 2024 graduates are listed below, in alphabetical order, with their degrees and academic honors noted.

LSU Law Class of 2024 graduates

JDCL · Juris Doctor and Graduate Diploma in Comparative Law
JD · Juris Doctor
LLM · Master of Laws
GCELP · Graduate Certificate in Energy Law and Policy
GCEPT · Graduate Certificate in Estate Planning and Taxation
*** Graduated summa cum laude
** Graduated magna cum laude
* Graduated cum laude

Mark Denson Ackal** — JDCL

Patrick Addamus — JDCL

Allison C. Adger — JDCL

Ehimen Sylvia Aikhuele — JDCL · GCEPT

Savannah Alcazar — JD · GCEPT

Mary Kyle Allen — JDCL

Garrett M. Alline — JD

Erin Alpandinar** — JD

Rayni Catherine Amato — JDCL

John H. Ammons — JD

Jackson Lee Andrus — JD

Holland Claire Crain Aucoin — JDCL

Julia Elaine Aucoin — JDCL

Hugo Bertran de Balanda — LLM

Haley Nicole Baker — JDCL · GCEPT

Erica Suzanne Bayles — JD

Jace Cole Benoit — JDCL

Margaret Anne Bertrand — JDCL

Gregory Fletcher Blanton — LLM

Rochelle Chelsea Bogle — JD

Sydnie Marie Boudreaux — JDCL

Abbie Elizabeth Brashier — JDCL

Kate Elizabeth Brasseux — JDCL · GCELP

Sean Elliot Briley — JDCL

Taylor Alexis Brock* — JDCL

Nathan P. Bromley** — JD

Gaven T. Brooks — JDCL

Megan Anne Broussard* — JDCL

Robin Renee Capps — JDCL

Karli Christine Carpenter — JDCL

D’Andrea Chassidy Carter — JDCL

Destiny D’Jonea Carter — LLM

John Oettrich Cashen — JDCL · GCEPT

Pauline Estelle Danielle Chambolle — LLM

Matthew Paul Clark*** — JDCL

Hannah Katheryn Cobb — JDCL · GCEPT

Mary Kathryn Coles — JDCL

Robert Jackson Conn III — JDCL

Harlee Nicole Connell — JDCL · GCELP

Madeline McKenzie Connelly — JDCL

Sophie Anne Conners — JDCL

Caroline B. Cordell — JDCL

Nicolas Cotton** — JDCL

Taylor Cottingham — JD

Zachary Ryan Crawford*** — JDCL

Sydney Taylor Curtis** — JDCL

Brendan R. Cuti** — JDCL

Gabrielle Bree Daigle — JDCL

Blakely Renée Davis — JD · GCEPT

Jarmanese K. Davis — JD

Katelyn Renee Davis* — JDCL

Jackson de Gruy — JDCL · GCELP

Alvaro de la Cruz-Correa — JDCL · GCEPT

Jason Oakley Decker III — JDCL

Josue A. Delgado — JD

Lance Holden Delrie** — JDCL

Gaven Michael DeVillier — JDCL

Elise Isabella Diebold** — JDCL · GCEPT

Sophia Nhi-Thien Dinh — JDCL

Michael McGovern Doggett — JDCL

Corey Benjamin Doty — JD · GCEPT

Colton P. Duhon** — JDCL

Timothy Lee Durr Jr. — JDCL

Valerien Jerry Donald Dykes* — JDCL · GCELP

Isabella Sylvie Eakins** — JDCL

Madeline Adele Earles — JDCL

Parker Elkins* — JDCL

Marlee Kate Evans* — JDCL

Robert Claiborne Everett** — JD

William Grey Fitzgerald — JDCL

Krislyn Gail Flores — JDCL

Yenifer Vanessa Flores Duran — JDCL

Marshall Fontenot — JDCL

Bryce Franklin — JDCL · GCELP

Johnathan Owen Glenn — JDCL · GCEPT

Gabrielle Glorioso — JDCL

Olivia June Goodson — JD

Miriam Elise Grant — JDCL

Sierra Elizabeth Grass — JDCL

Haley Grieshaber* — JDCL

Adam Paul Guarisco* — JDCL · GCEPT

Borjius Jerome Guient Jr. — JDCL

Benjamin Guilbeau Joseph III — JD

Peach Kleio Hadley — JD

Brandon Enrico Hagler — JDCL

Tyler Joshua Hays** — JDCL

Cy Phillip Hebert* — JDCL

Caroline Cecile Hidalgo — JDCL

Taylor Renée Hodson — JDCL · GCEPT

Thomas McLeod Hopkins — JDCL

Mekkah Nyree Husamadeen — JDCL

Etinosa Igbinenikaro — LLM

Glenn A. Istre II — JD

Madyson Elise Istre — JDCL

John E. Jacobs* — JDCL

Samantha Marum Jacobsen — JD

Alaysia Jenal Johnson — JDCL

Patrick Dean Jolly — JDCL · GCELP

Joseph Michael Kaiser — JDCL *

Christopher J. Kauffeld — JDCL *

Alec Brendan Keane — JDCL

Grace Champagne Kendrick — JDCL

Landry Alexander Kerth — JDCL

Cory Michael Koch — JDCL

Albane Korb — LLM

Spencer Patrick Knudsen — JDCL

Wade Landry* — JD

Tess Layton* — JD

Julien LeBlanc* — JD

Tyler Joseph LeBlanc*** — JD

Alexis Marie LeCompte — JDCL

Jessica Renee LeCoq — JDCL

Jake Thomas Lee — JDCL

Tyson Dewayne Lee — JDCL · GCELP

Emma Jane LeMeunier — JD

Haley M. Leonard — JDCL

Anna Elizabeth Lewis — JDCL

Kailee Alexis Lloyd — JDCL

Nathan Michael Long — JDCL

Brenna Caitlin Macnamara — JDCL

Julian Paul Mahfouz — JDCL

Shahalam Malik — JD

Aaron Michael Mall* — JDCL

Tamra Julianna Manfredo** — JDCL

Natalie Marie Marionneaux*** — JD

Sean Michael Markey — JDCL

Philip Michael Marr* — JDCL

Jacob H. Martin — JDCL

Sydney Paige Mayeaux — JDCL

Benjamin McArthur — JD

Diamond Luana McCray — JDCL

Caroline Brewer McCullars** — JDCL

Brock Alan McKiness — JDCL

Gregory McNally** — JDCL

Ryan Whitlow McNeil — JDCL

Trystan Denae Melancon — JDCL

Paige O’Rourke Meno** — JD

Anna M. Mester — JD

Daniel Charles Meyers — JDCL · GCEPT

Jaidyn Weaver Meyers* — JDCL · GCEPT

Alyson Marie Michener — JDCL

Aliyah McKenzie Militana — JDCL

Darien Alexandra Mincey — JDCL

Natalie Claire Mire — JDCL

Victoria Grace Mobley — JD

Sarah Lydie Marie Moccelin — LLM

Abigail Wood Mock — JDCL

David Shane Moorehouse — JD

James Dustin Morganti — JD

Taylor Paige Mutavdzic — JDCL

Maxwell Graham Nedanovich — JDCL

Morgan D. Newton — JDCL

Tyrus Ryan Norcise — JDCL

Caleb J. O’Connell** — JDCL

Mason Owen Olinde** — JDCL · GCEPT

Mason Monroe Ott — JDCL

Meredith Lyn Parker** — JDCL

Olivia Scott Parker — JDCL

Kuy W. Pepper — JDCL

Kathleen Elizabeth Peppo — JDCL

Charline Perez — LLM

Amelia Patricia Petti — JDCL

Levin Brian Pinho Jr. — JDCL

Lauren Asenath Pouchie — JD · GCEPT

Mira Aline Prisco — JD · GCEPT

Sarah Procopio — JDCL

Alyssa Marie Randolph — JDCL

Logan Allen Rich — JD · GCEPT

Richard Paul Robertson III — JDCL

Ann M. Rome — JDCL

Taylor Alexandra Roos* — JDCL

Jason Daniel Roussel — JDCL

Ryker Wesley Rowe — JDCL

John J. Roy — JDCL

Hunter J. Ryan — JD · GCELP

Leon Augustus Sanford* — JDCL

Hayden Proctor Scheuermann — JDCL · GCELP

Lorin Schönfeld — LLM

Sarah Marie Scott — JD

Miranda M. Scotten — JDCL

Dakota Joseph Scurlock — JDCL · GCEPT

Jordan Allen Sermon* — JDCL · GCEPT

John E. Shaw Jr. — JDCL

Ananda Jahni — JDCL

Madeleine Marie Simpson** — JDCL

Bradford Jennings Smith Jr. — JDCL

Brooke Danielle Smith — JDCL

Christopher Alexander Smith — JD · GCEPT

Ryan Lavell Smith — JDCL

Zachary A. Smith — JDCL

Gbemisola A. Soyebo — JDCL · GCEPT

Anna Childs Stolzenthaler* — JDCL

Shelby Danielle Stoop — JDCL

Tori Rachel Sutherland — JDCL

John Michael Theriot* — JDCL

Caidyn Anastasia Thompson — JDCL

Chandler James Thornton — JDCL

Crysta Remondet Torres* — JDCL

Holly Ann Tubbs — JDCL

Patrick Miller Van Burkleo* — JDCL

Tonya M. Verhaal — JDCL

Daniel Robert Vile — JDCL

Camille Ruby Webre* — JDCL

Foster Andrew Willie* — JDCL

Damatria Natavia Willingham — JD

Britney Young — JDCL

Evan Daniel Young — JDCL

Molly Elizabeth Ziegler — JDCL · GCEPT