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LSU Law 2021 graduate Lane Simon honored with CLEA Outstanding Clinical Student Award

CLEA 2021 Recipient Lane SimonLSU Law Class of 2021 graduate Lane Simon was recently named the recipient of the Clinical Legal Education Association Outstanding Field Placement Student Award for his work this year at the Louisiana Department of Justice, working with the appellate attorneys in the Criminal Division of that office. CLEA’s Outstanding Field Placement Student Award recognized the valuable work for justice that law students do through externships and provides law schools the opportunity to nominate an outstanding and self-reflective externship student for CLEA’s recognition.

Lane also received a truly outstanding evaluation from his supervising attorney. Lane’s supervisor writes: “Lane is a very hard worker; self-motivated and a quick learner.  Lane worked on a variety of complex issues for us and every piece of work product he created was of exceptional quality. Lane was able to consider somewhat ambiguous assignments and determine, without help, how to complete the assignments. Moreover, Lane was able to complete all requested assignments very quickly, and to an extremely high standard. We never once had to remind him to complete an assignment and when he was assigned a project there was no doubt he would finish it timely, but at the same time his work would be thorough, and accurate. Lane reviewed entire case files and summarized the facts and relevant legal issues, he drafted numerous legal memorandum for prosecutors and investigators, and was able to research legal questions and draft brilliant analyses and responses in a prompt manner. In sum, Lane not only met but exceeded all expectations.  He is clearly an exceptionally gifted student, who has a very good understanding and grasp of the law. Lane will be a great addition to the Louisiana legal community and will no doubt be a successful attorney.”

Professor Jeffrey Brooks, Director of Field Placement Programs and Assistant Professor of Professional Practice, stated that, “Lane excelled in the course component of the field placement experience. Lane’s journals – particularly his video “TED Talk” on how to succeed as an extern – have been detailed and insightful. He has conscientiously completed every bit of field placement coursework in a timely manner.”