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Your Gifts at Work: Hannah Mayeaux

Third-year LSU Law student Hannah Mayeaux

Third-year LSU Law student Hannah Mayeaux

As Hannah Mayeaux prepares for fall finals and her last semester at LSU Law next spring, she’s already looking forward to returning to her native Lake Charles to take up medical malpractice cases in state court on behalf of plaintiffs at The Townsley Law Firm.

“I like medical malpractice because you’re always going to continue learning something new and you’re always going to be in court, which I really love,” says Mayeaux.

Though she doesn’t have to stress about finding a job after graduation—and is grateful to be taking a job at a firm she’s already familiar with after clerking at it over the summer—there’s still the stress of finals and finances.

As for the latter, the stress is greatly reduced by the four endowed scholarships Mayeaux is fortunate to be the recipient of this year.

“They’re extremely helpful, both emotionally and financially, and I’m very, very appreciative of them,” she says. “Emotionally, scholarships relieve stress immensely. Of course, there’s the books and student fees they help pay for, but it’s also the little things that make a big difference. You don’t want to be stressing about not having extra money to pay for coffee or breakfast when you’re trying to study for finals, and they help with a lot of those kinds of situations, too.”

Mayeaux is a St. Louis Catholic High School graduate, and she earned her undergraduate degree in English and political Science from LSU 2017. She currently serves as a senior editor of Louisiana Law Review, and is Education and Youth Outreach Board Chair for the Public Interest Law Society.

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