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Open to LSU Law 2018 – 2022 Graduates, 2022 Program Applicants, and Past Awardees

Licensure and Employment

Licensure and Employment

Applicants must be licensed and in good standing with the Louisiana State Bar Association. Eligible employment is defined as: full-time, compensated legal employment in the state of Louisiana by a federal, state, or local government agency; full-time, compensated legal employment in the state of Louisiana by a § 501(c)(3) charitable organization engaged in pro-bono legal services and/or provision of indigent or public defender services; or full-time, compensated legal employment as a federal/state/or local judicial clerk. Priority will be given to applicants serving unserved populations who lack access to justice and legal services. Employment by the LSU Law Center or other unit of the LSU System does not qualify as an eligible employer for this loan program.


The applicant’s personal salary shall not exceed $60,000. Salary of the applicant is defined as the annual contractual amount an applicant earns, excluding benefits, while engaged in full-time eligible employment.

Overall financial need may be considered in determining recipients for the award.  Salary of the spouse or partner must be reported and is defined as the annual amount the spouse or partner earns, excluding benefits. Joint adjusted income must be provided as reported to the IRS from the preceding year of application. Applicants must provide evidence of earned and unearned income, including salaries and other sources of income, for themselves and their spouse or life partner.

The applicant shall also provide evidence of any dependent children. Applicants must provide proof of employment and projected yearly gross income.

Eligible Loans

Only law school and bar review loans will be considered. Family, personal, undergraduate and non-educational loans are excluded. Federal and private commercial loans obtained outside of law school enrollment, or intra-family or other non-commercial loans, do not qualify for consideration in the application process. Applicants must not be in default on any loans and must provide evidence of law school student loans and bar examination expenses, if applicable. If loans have been consolidated or are pending consolidation, applicants must provide a breakdown of each loan type, original loan amount, current balance, monthly payment and period due.