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Alabama Digest 2 44B
ALWD Citation Manual 1 Circulation Desk
American Digest System 1 SL
American Jurisprudence 2d (Am. Jur. 2d) 1 1A
American Jurisprudence Legal Forms 2d 4 1B-2A
American Jurisprudence 2d Pleading and Practice Forms 4 39A
American Jurisprudence Proof of Facts, 1st – 3d Series 4 41B
American Jurisprudence Trials 4 40A-40B
American Law Reports (A.L.R.) 2 56B-57A
Arkansas Digest 2 44B
Atlantic Digest 2 44A
Atlantic Reporter 2 45A
Atlantic Reporter 2d 2 45A-46B
Bankruptcy Reporter 2 15B-16A
Black’s Law Dictionary 1 MRR STAND; RRR
British Materials 3 16A-26A
California Reporter 2 46B-47A
Canadian Materials 3 26A-35B
Code of Federal Regulations (C.F.R.)
1st Floor Current Copy 1 RRR
Prior Year Copy 2 SL
All Prior Years 1 Microform Room
Comparative Law 3 7A-15B
Computer Software 1 RRR
Congressional Record
      Print (Current Issues) 1 RRR
Print 5 SL
Microform 4 Microform Area
Corpus Juris Secundum (C.J.S.) 1 1A
Court Records
Louisiana Supreme Court and Appellate Courts Off Site
United States Supreme Court 1 Microform Room
Current Law Index 2 Index Table
Decennial Digests 1 SL
MRR Copies (abridged and unabridged) 1 MRR STAND; 5B
3d Floor Copy (unabridged) 3 By Elevators
Decennials 1 SL
Federal 2 7B-8A
Regional and State 2 44A-44B
United States Supreme Court 2 8A-8B
General 1 1A
Legal 1 1A
European Union Materials 3 49A-55B
Federal Appendix 2 12A-12B
Federal Case News
Federal Practice & Procedure 1 RRR
Federal Register
      Print (Current issues) 1 RRR
Print 5 SL
Microform (1936-2003) 4 Microform Area
Federal Reporter 1st 2 10A
Federal Reporter 2d 2 10A-11A
Federal Reporter 3d 2 11A-12A
Federal Rules Decisions 2 16A
Federal Rules Digest 2 16A-16B
Federal Rules Service 2 16A
Federal Supplement 1st 2 12B-13B
Federal Supplement 2d 2 13B-14B
        2nd Floor Copy 2 16B-17A
Final Exams -Previous
       Print Copies – up to 5 years 1 RRR
       Online Copies: See “Class Reserves” online
       Older Final Exams (1936-1990s), Print Copies 2 38B
Florida Digest 2 44B
Government Documents
Administrative Decisions 2 SL
Code of Federal Regulations (C.F.R.)
1st Floor Current Copy 1 RRR
Prior Year Copy 2 SL
All Prior Years 1 Microform Room
Congressional Bills
73rd-75th, 96th Congress to Present 4 Microform Area
Congressional Hearings
Through 96th Congress 5 SL
96th Congress to Present 4 Microform Area
Congressional Record
Print (Current Issues) 1 RRR
Print 5 SL
Microform 4 Microform Area
Government Documents (continued)
Federal Register
Print (Current Issues) 1 RRR
Print 5 SL
Microform (1936-1992) 1 Microform Room
Monthly Catalog of U.S. Government Publications 2 SL
Serial Set
Print 4 NW
Microform 4 Microform Area
Gunby’s Reports(legal points decided by 2nd c. court of La.) 2 38A
Index to Foreign Legal materials 3 By Elevators
Index to Legal Periodicals and Books 2 Index Table
Index to Periodical Articles Related to Law 2 Index Table
International Law 3 87A-93B
Labor Materials 4 20B-23A
Landmark Briefs and Arguments of the Supreme Court 2 8A-8B
Law Reviews 3 NW
Louisiana Acts
MRR Copy 1 Center Shelves
RRR Copy 1 RRR
2nd Floor Copy (Louisiana Collection) 2 37A-37B
3d Floor Copy (Louisiana Collection) 3 NW
Louisiana Administrative Code
RRR Copy 1 RRR
Superseded Copies 2 SL
Louisiana Annual Reports 3 NW
Louisiana Appellate Reports 3 NW
Louisiana Attorney General Opinions 1 RRR
Louisiana Children’s Code See L.S.A. Below
Louisiana Civil Code See L.S.A. Below
Louisiana Code of Civil Procedure See L.S.A. Below
Louisiana Courts of Appeal Reports 3 NW
Louisiana Digest 1st 1 2B
Louisiana Digest 2d 1 2B
Louisiana Law Review 3 NW
Louisiana Collection 2 36A-42A
Louisiana Register 1 RRR
Louisiana Reports 3 NW
Louisiana Statutes Annotated (L.S.A.)
MRR Copy 1 2B
2nd Floor Copy 2 3B
Loyola Law Review 3 NW
Manning’s Unreported Cases (LA Reports) 3 NW
Martin New Series and Martin Old Series (LA Reports) 3 NW
Martindale-Hubbell 1 5A
Mississippi Digest 2 44B
Modern Federal Practice Digest, 1st – 4th ed. 2 7B-8A
National Reporter Blue Book 2 16B
National Reporter System 2 45A-56A
New York Digest 2 44B-45a
New York Supplement 2 47B-48A
North Eastern Reporter 2 48B-49A
North Western Digest 2 44A
North Western Reporter 2 49B-50B
Nutshell Series 1 RRR
Pacific Digest 2 44A
Pacific Reporter 2 51A-52B
Parish of Orleans Appeals 3 NW
Peltier’s Decisions 3 NW
British 3 22B-24A
Canadian 3 30A-31A
European Union 3 55A-55B
French 3 67B-68B
United States 3 NW
Reference Collection 1 5A-5B
Robinson Reports (LA Reports) 3 NW
Roman Law 3 45B-46B
Shepard’s Citators
Shepard’s Louisiana Citations 1 4A
* NOTE:  All other Shepard’s have been discontinued
Slip Opinions
Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals 1 RRR
Louisiana Courts of Appeals 1 RRR
Louisiana Supreme Court 1 RRR
United Supreme Court 2 9A
South Eastern Digest 2 44A-44B
South Eastern Reporter 2 53A-53B
Southern Reporter
MRR Copy 1 3A
2nd Floor Copy 2 54A
Southern Reporter 2d
MRR Copy 1 3A-4A
2nd Floor Copy 2 54A
Southern Reporter 3d
MRR Copy 1 4A
2nd Floor Copy 2 54A-54B
Southern University Law Review 3 NW
South Western Reporter 2 54B-56A
Special Reports (Sp.R.) 4 SL
State Codes and Statutes 2 2A-7A
State Reports (Official Reports, other than Louisiana) 4 SL
Subject Compilation of State Laws 2 Index Table
Supreme Court Reporter 2 9A-9B
Tax Collection 4 29B-36B
Texas Digest 2 45A
Tulane Law Review 3 NW
Uniform System of Citation (Blue Book) 1 Circulation Desk
United States Code (U.S.C.) 1 1B
United States Code Annotated (U.S.C.A.) 1 1B
U.S. Code Congressional and Administrative News 2 1A
U.S. Code Service (U.S.C.S.) 1 2A
U.S. Law Week
RRR Copy 1 RRR
Past Issues 5 SL
U.S. Reports 2 8B-9A
U.S. Statutes at Large
2nd Floor Copy 2 1B
Microform 4 Microform Area
U.S. Supreme Court Digest (Lawyers Edition) 2 8A-8B
U.S. Supreme Court Digest (West) 2 8A-8B
U.S. Supreme Court Reports (Lawyers Edition) 2 9B
Words and Phrases 1 1A