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Academic Regalia Adornment Approval Form
for Law Center Ceremony

Registered student organizations or Law Center-created co-curricular organizations must seek approval for a
collective adornment to the Law Center’s academic regalia for use by their student members or participants.

Students - Academic Regalia Adornment Approval Form

Verbal Description of Proposed Adornment

Below you must provide a brief description of the proposed adornment (including color, materials, size, any wording or symbols on the item). NOTE: Draft this language with care. If your regalia request is approved, this is the language that will be included on the Law Center’s Commencement webpage.

Adornments include, but are not limited to: stoles, ribbons, sashes, etc. For example, one long-standing approved adornment for LSU’s “main” or University Ceremony is the wearing of Kente Stoles bestowed by the African American Cultural Center. As another example, LSU’s varsity student-athlete graduates may wear a white stole.

Please be aware that purple, gold, and/or white cords (or any combination of purple cords, gold cords, and white cords) will not be approved, since those are the designations for Latin honors at LSU (i.e., cum laude, magna cum laude, summa cum laude). Additionally, no additional academic hoods will be approved, as Law Center graduates already receive an academic hood at the ceremony.

Photo or Representative Image

Upload a photo or representative image of the proposed adornment. If approved, an image made after final regalia production occurs, which must correspond in all material ways to this image, will be featured on the Academic Regalia website.

Maximum file size: 104.86MB


I agree that all information provided on this form will be shared with various administrative departments within the LSU Law Center to evaluate the request for academic regalia adornment, and I authorize the sharing of all information submitted as well as public use as noted within the form. This data will be securely retained indefinitely. To learn more about privacy at LSU, please see the LSU Privacy Statement.

Data Consent

I understand that submitting this form and attaching recommended documentation does not guarantee that my request has been approved or will be approved in the future. The necessary approval will only be guaranteed once I receive approval via email.*

Approval not guaranteed
I understand that this request form is for the Law Center’s commencement ceremony, and that a request related to the University Ceremony is separate and requires separate approval.
Applicable only to the Law Center Commencement