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Bilingual English-French Louisiana Civil Code

Code civil de Louisiane, édition bilingue, Olivier Moréteau (Ed.) with a Foreword by J.C. Gémar and an Introduction by O. Moréteau (in French), Société de législation comparée, Paris, 2017.

See review by Jean-Louis Baudoin (in French) and discussion by Miriam Childs (go to p. 4).

View information on the Académie des Sciences d’Outre-Mer presnetation, Paris, November 29, 2017.

See information on the Supreme Court of Louisiana presentation , New Orleans, April 24, 2018.

cover of the Code Civil de Louisiane book

Bicentennial Series

A Series created on the year of the Bicentennial of the Louisiana Civil Code (Digest of 1808), to promote publications on the civil law of Louisiana and its interaction with other legal systems. General Editor: Olivier Moréteau. Publishing house: Claitor’s Publishing, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

  • Robert Anthony Pascal: A Priest of Right Order, edited by Olivier Moréteau, with a foreword and an introduction by O. Moréteau (2018).
  • Essays in Honor of Saúl Litvinoff, edited by Olivier Moréteau, Julio Romañach, Jr. & Alberto Luis Zuppi (2008).
  • Richard H. Kilbourne Jr., A History of the Louisiana Civil Code (reprint of the 1987 edition, 2008).

Translations Series

  • Michel Alter; The French Law of Business Contracts: General Principles.
    Translation by Alain A. Levasseur (1986).
  • Christian Atias; French Civil Law. Le Droit Civil.
    Translation by Alain A. Levasseur (2002).
  • Christian Atias; The French Civil Law: An Insider’s View.
    Translation by Alain A. Levasseur, with the assistance of Bachir Mihoubi (1987).
  • Bernard Chantebout; The French Constitution: Its Origin and Development in the Fifth Republic.
    Translation by David Gruning (1998).
  • René David; French Law; Its Structure, Sources, and Methodology.
    Translation by Michael Kindred (1972).
  • Louis Favoreu; Constitutional Law.
    Translation by Alain A. Levasseur and Roger K. Ward (2001).
  • Jean-Louis Halpérin; The Civil Code
    Translation by David W. Gruning and Alain A. Levasseur (2000).


  • Alejandro D. Carrió; Criminal Justice in Argentina: An Overview for American Readers (1989).
  • Julio C. Cueto-Rua; Judicial Methods of Interpretation of the Law (1981).
  • Alejandro M. Garro; The Louisiana Public Records Doctrine and the Civil Law Tradition (1989).
  • Ronald L. Hersbergen; The Role of Consumer Protection in Louisiana Civil Code Revision (1980).
  • Richard Holcombe Kilbourne, jr.; A History of the Louisiana Civil Code: The Formative Years, 1803-1839 (1987).
  • Richard Holcombe Kilbourne, jr.; Louisiana Commercial Law: The Antebellum Period (1980).
  • Hans G. Leser; Comparative Law Seminar on Statutory Interpretation (1979).

Books under the Auspices of the CCLS

  • Saúl Litvinoff; The Law of Obligations – 4 Volumes (1969, 1992, 2001)

Law Review Issues with the Academic Support of the CCLS

  • Collection of Papers for the 1976-1977 Special Issue, Edited by Joseph Dainow, Louisiana Law Review, Volume 37, Number 3 (1977).
  • Law Making in a Global World, A Symposium, Louisiana Law Review, Volume 67, Number 4 (2007).