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Student Graduate Editor Information

What is the Journal of Civil Law Studies?

TheĀ Journal of Civil Law StudiesĀ is a peer-reviewed, online and open-access periodical, published by the Center of Civil Law Studies. First published in 2008, the JCLS has been read in more than 60 countries, and on all continents. This journal promotes a comparative and interdisciplinary approach to the civil law in Louisiana and in the world.

Why should I become a student graduate editor for the JCLS?

  • You will participate in the editing of a peer-reviewed academic journal during your law school tenure
  • You will gain a broadened legal perspective, which can help you have a better understanding of foreign legal systems, in addition to U.S. and international laws
  • You can publish an essay, or a case note in the “Civil Law in Louisiana” feature of the JCLS
  • You have the chance to edit articles by distinguished scholars from all around the world
  • You can improve your writing and bluebooking skills
  • Your accomplishments at the JCLS will help you stand out during your job search (summer job and first job after law school)

How can I apply?

We welcome applications from 2L and 3L students. While there is no minimum GPA requirement, the selection process is competitive and all relevant skills are taken into consideration. Please submit your resume, with GPA and class rank, your grades from Legal Research and Writing I & II, and any pertinent skills you have (e.g., knowledge of a foreign language, work on another law review, etc.) to If you are interested in taking on the challenging, and prestigious, task of writing a student essay or case note, you should indicate this in your application. Submission of your law school transcript is optional.


The JCLS accepts applications at the beginning of the fall semester for graduate editors for the academic year. The deadline for applications is August 30.