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Foreign Researchers

The CCLS welcomes Visiting Scholars from all continents. Though normally not able to offer grants, fellowships, or any form of compensation, the CCLS  offers office and computer facilities, full access to the LSU Law Library, and the possibility to participate and contribute in a variety of academic activities. Please contact Professor Olivier Moréteau for more information.

Dr. Mihai David (Fall 2022)

Dr. Mihai David, Lecturer in law at the Babeş-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, was a Fulbright Scholar at the CCLS from August to November, doing research on “Remedies for breach of contract in the US Common law and in the European Civil law: The same phrase, but a different meaning?”

Prof. Dr. Biagio Ando (Spring 2019)

Dr. Biagio Ando, Professor at the University of Catania, Italy, visited in April and May, to pursue a research project on jurisprudence as a source of law in Louisiana. He recently published a book in Italian on legal certainty and judicial discretion in mixed legal system, the case of Louisiana.

Ms. Marie Debard (Spring 2019)

Marie Debard, Doctorate Candidate at the University of Saint-Etienne, France, visited in April to complete research on Tocqueville and the law.

Claudia María Castro Valle (Spring 2017)

Claudia Castro, lecturer at the Universidad Tecnológica Centroamericana (UNITEC), San Pedro Sula, Honduras and doctorate candidate at the Department of International Law Adolfo Miaja de la Muela, University of Valencia, Spain, conducted research in comparative tort law, working on mass litigation for transboundary environmental tort in Central America. She gave a lecture on her doctoral project.

Prof. Dr. Francois du Toit (Fall 2016)

Prof. Francois Du Toit, Senior Lecturer at the University of the Western Cape, South Africa, visited the Center of Civil Law Studies to conduct comparative law research in the areas of successions and trusts, also giving lectures.

Prof. Raheel Ahmed (Fall 2016)

Prof. Raheel Ahmed, Senior Lecturer at the University of South Africa, visited the CCLS in order to further her doctoral research on “The explicit and implicit influence of reasonableness on the elements of delictual liability.”

Endza Djierdjan (Fall 2015)

A Doctoral Candidate and Research Fellow at the Center of European Studies at Université Jean Moulin (Lyon, France), Endza visited to further comparative research on the concept of a European Economic Constitution as the support of cases decided by the European Court of Justice.

Florian Thomas (Spring 2015)

A Doctoral Candidate at the Maritime and Oceanic Law Center, University of Nantes, France, Florian Thomas conducted research on Labor Law on Offshore Platforms, between January and June 2015.

Julie Grangeon (Spring 2015)

A Doctoral Candidate and Research Fellow at the Center of European Studies at Université Jean Moulin (Lyon, France), Julie Grangeon visited between March and July 2015 to further researches on the private enforcement of competition law in a comparative perspective (USA and European Union).

Dr. Matthias Martin (Spring 2014)

Dr. Matthias Martin (Université de Lorraine, France) is a scholar in legal theory and comparative civil law, working on codification and codes’ annotation. During his six-month post-doctoral visit, he worked on the Louisiana Civil Code Translation Project and revised the translation of 850 code articles, and conducted research on the supplements and comments in the Louisiana Civil Code.

David Ravella (Fall 2013)

A Doctoral Candidate at Université Jean Moulin (Lyon, France), David Ravella specializes in issues related to public law and tax law. During his five-month visit, he conducted research on the impact of administrative law standards and methods on the tax liability of public entities.

Prof. Aniceto Masferrer (Fall 2013)

Dr. Aniceto Masferrer is Professor of Law at the University of Valencia (Spain). A reputable and well-published scholar in European and American legal history, he gave several lectures in Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and also in Florida and Maryland during his two-month visit, whilst working with Prof. Moréteau on a book project in Comparative Legal History.

Ms. Vanessa Barbaro (Fall 2012)

Vanessa Barbaro is a Doctorate Candidate in Private and Comparative Law at Université Jean Moulin (Lyon, France). She conducted research on the Insurance of New Risks: The Example of Nanotechnologies. Comparative Study: USA, China, France.

Prof. Anne Tercinet (Summer 2012)

Dr. Anne Tercinet is Professor of Law at the EM Lyon Business School (France). During her short-term visit at LSU-Law, she worked on some aspects of American criminal justice in order to further her comparative research on criminal liability of executives involved in cartels.

Dr. Ivan Tchotourian (Fall 2011)

Dr. Ivan Tchotourian, Associate Professor of Law, Université de Nantes (France), and now Professor at Université Laval (Québec). He translated two chapters of the Louisiana Civil Code, from English into French, during his time at the CCLS, and initiated the “Training Multilingual Jurists” PUF Program (2012-2015) with Prof. Olivier Moréteau.

Dr. Seán Patrick Donlan (Spring 2011)

Dr. Seán Patrick Donlan holds a J.D. from LSU and a Ph.D. from Trinity College Dublin. He is a Lecturer in Law at the University of Limerick and is the President of Juris Diversitas. He conducted research on Louisiana legal history during his two-month visit at LSU Law.

Prof. Juana Marco (Fall 2010)

Dr. Juana Marco is Professor of Law at the University of Barcelona (Spain). She conducted research in comparative civil law and is now an active collaborator of the Journal of Civil Law Studies.

Prof. Dr. Asya Ostroukh, Russia (Spring 2010)

A Fullbright Scholar, Dr. Asya Ostroukh is Associate Professor of Law, Kuban State University Law School. She presently does research on the influence of the French culture in North America with a special focus on Quebec and Louisiana.

Dr. Nono Anwar Makarim, Indonesia (Fall 2009)

A Fullbright Scholar, Dr. Nono Makarim is a co-founder of the law firm Makarim & Taira S. in Jakarta, presently Of Counsel to the firm. He has been assisting the Indonesian Judicial Commission since 2006 in designing and administering tests to ascertain the professional suitability of candidates for the Indonesian Supreme Court.

Dr. Michel Séjean, France (Summer 2009)

An expert in legal translation, Dr. Michel Séjean was Assistant Professor at Université Paris 1 when he visited. He is now a full professor (agrégé) at the Université de Bretagne-Sud (France), Editor-in-Chief of the Henri Capitant Law review. He contributed to several translation projects from English into French during and after his time at the CCLS: Principles of European Tort Law (Commentary) and Louisiana Civil Code (Obligations).

Dr. Tsvetanka Spassova, Bulgaria (Fall 2007 & Spring 2008)

A Member of the Sofia Bar, Dr. Tsvetanka Spassova worked at times as a Visiting Scholar and at times as an Editing Associate at the CCLS, editing the Essays in Honor of Saúl Litvinoff and working on the Digest Online Project. She is presently the Executive Secretary of the Union of Bulgarian Jurists, the oldest professional organization of lawyers in Bulgaria.

Vanessa Jiménez Serranía, Spain (Fall 2007)

Ms. Jimenez, a doctoral student at the University of Salamanca,  visited for four months while working thesis, focusing on Commercial Entities in Intellectual Property.

Enrico Basile, Italy (Spring 2006)

Enrico Basile conducted research and translation work in comparative criminal law.