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Legal Diversity Dialogue Series

On Thursday, April 15, at 4:30 pm, Room W326B, Visiting Professor Sheldon Leader (University of Essex, UK) will dialogue with Professor Olivier Moréteau (Director of the CCLS) on the following topic:

The boundaries of responsibility: individual, collective, and solidaristic

Our objective is to initiate a discussion of the principles that might help to draw boundary lines between three types of responsibility: individual, collective, and that demanded by social solidarity

We will briefly address three topics:

a/ the difference between these three types of responsibility

b/ the ethical case for each

c/ illustrations from the domains of corporate law and the law of insurance

This is a Prelude to a forthcoming Legal Diversity Dialogue Series, where a legal scholar (visitor or LSU) will dialogue with a scholar of another discipline (any discipline but law) having an interest in the law. The group Juris Diversitas ( is a partner in the Series.

Refreshments will be provided.

Jennifer Lane