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The “Austral” Seminar on United States Law

From April 28 – May 1, 2008, the CCLS welcomes 15 law practitioners from Facultad de Derecho, Universidad Austral (Buenos Aires, Argentina), to attend a seminar on Introduction to the U.S. Legal System. The program, coordinated by Professor Susy Bello Knoll and Professor Olivier Moréteau, is largely based on the very successful seminar offered in May 2005.

sessions are taught by Professor Paul Baier, Professor John Baker,
Professor Stuart Green, Professor Cheney Joseph, Professor Alain
Levasseur, Professor Saúl Litvinoff, Professor Olivier Moréteau, Mr.
Agustín Parise, Professor Ed Richards, LSU Law Chancellor Jack Weiss,
and Professor Alberto Zuppi.

Some visits are organized, including to the McGlinchey Stafford Law Firm and the Supreme Court of Louisiana.