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Law Making in a Global World

The Symposium was organized by the Louisiana Law Review with the academic support
of the CCLS.

How far does globalization affect the ways law is created, by legislation or
court decisions, domestically or internationally?

A group of prominent experts in comparative law with worldwide experience revisits
the topic of law making in a global world, exchanging thoughts and ideas on
some fundamental questions:

  • Is there a universal conception of justice?
  • What about the legitimacy of lawmakers?
  • May the diversity of cultures be ignored?
  • May the approach be pluralistic in mass societies?
  • Can new models and old models be reconciled?

Speakers and Topics

Professor Stathis Banakas (University of East Anglia, UK)
A Global Concept of Justice-Dream or Nightmare? Looking at Different Concepts
of Justice or Righteousness Competing in Today’s World

Professor Volker Behr (University of Augsburg, Germany)
Building a Legal System out of Zero? The Development of a New Legal System
in the People’s Republic of China

Professor James Gordley (University of California, Berkeley)
When is the Use of Foreign Decisions Possible? The Protection of Privacy
in Europe and the United States

Professor Geoffrey Hazard (University of Pennsylvania)
Challenges in Law-Making in Mass Societies

Professor Roderick Macdonald (McGill University, Canada)
Unitary Law Re-form: Pluralistic Law Re-substance

Professor Vernon Palmer (Tulane University)
The Mixed Jurisdictions in a World of Pure Traditions

Professor Ian Smits (University of Maastricht, Netherlands)
Harmonization of Contract Law in Europe: Promoting an Optional Code

Professor Jacques Vanderlinden (Free University of Brussels, Belgium, University
of Moncton, Canada)
What Kind of Product, Made by Whom and for Whom under which Form? Lawmaking
in a Brave New World

The papers of the Symposium are published in Volume 67 of the Louisiana Law

The video of the Symposium is accessible on the Louisiana
Law Review