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Louisiana State University Law Center sincerely desires to assist students and graduates of other ABA-approved law schools whenever possible.  However, time, space and staffing constraints require us to establish a reciprocal agreement between the LSU Law Center and other law schools dependent upon the following considerations.

Reciprocity is a privilege granted by the LSU Law Center.  The Career Services Office has the right to refuse to grant reciprocity at any time.  Decisions regarding reciprocity will be made on an individual basis.

  1. Services available only to those ABA-accredited law schools which allow LSU students and/or alumni/ae use of their facility.  If reciprocity is established, it will be on a one-for-one basis.
  2. Reciprocity will not be available between August 1 and November 1, and between February 1 and March 31.  Graduates or students from other law schools may not take part in on-campus interviews with prospective employers.
  3. Services are available to a reciprocal student or graduate for a period of time which shall commence on the date of that person’s first contact with our office.  The period of time offered will match what the reciprocating school offers.
  4. All requests for service must be made in writing by a career counseling administrator two weeks in advance of the intended visit.  We are not staffed to handle walk-ins or telephone requests.
  5. The following services will be provided to the extent that the reciprocating school provides in-kind services:
    • Current Position Vacancy Announcements (except anonymous listings and resume forward listings)
    • Resource Library Publications and Directories
    • Handout materials
    • Online Job Listings.  Reciprocal services are offered on the same terms they are granted to our students and graduates.
  6. Applicants are required to state in cover letters to employers that the job listings were received from this office through a reciprocal agreement with their school.
  7. The Director of Career Services may deny further services to any school seen to surpass a reasonable number of requests within a given calendar year or to individuals who misuse the facilities or services.