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Chris and Nancy Rials Endowed Scholarship

Chris and Nancy Rials established this scholarship in honor of their daughter, Megan, who graduated from LSU Law in 2017. The Rials took notice of the financial difficulties some of Megan’s classmates, especially first year students, endure and decided to recognize her accomplishments with a gift to future students.

In honor of Megan, of whom the Rials are most proud, the recipient must have an undergraduate degree in political science. Preference shall be given to students who have demonstrated academic interest in political theory and/or political philosophy. If multiple candidates apply, preference shall be given to an LSU undergraduate. If no student meets the preferred criteria, the Scholarship Committee shall have discretion to award the scholarship to a deserving student.

The scholarship shall be withdrawn if the recipient fails to enroll or remain enrolled as a full-time, first-year law student at the Law Center, fails to maintain the minimum performance expectations; or the recipient fails to remain in good academic standing.