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Howard and Mae Richard Daigle Scholarship

This scholarship was established by Howard J. Daigle, Jr. (LSU Law Class of ’78) in honor of his parents. Howard and Mae Richard Daigle were both part of large families who were forced to leave school early to provide for their younger siblings during the Depression; they survived by living off the land in rural Louisiana. As a young married couple with one child, and determined that their children to come would not suffer the same fate, they left all they knew, and moved to Baton Rouge in search of a life of quality and opportunity.

There they served their church and gave supporting aid to their families who were to follow. They lived lives of dignity, making sacrifices both large and small so that their children could have the full educational experience they were deprived; with a certainty that opportunity and happiness would result.

They lived to experience the pride of their life’s work. Their oldest child graduated from a local business college and had a long and successful business career. Their second daughter graduated from SMU Law School. Their twin sons both graduated from LSU, one with a CPA certificate and the other from its Law School with honors. They would have no greater joy than knowing their scholarship will help yet other children of Louisiana to achieve.

This scholarship is awarded to a current or entering full-time student, with preference given to a student who has served at least one tour of active duty service in any branch of the U.S. military.